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DEWASTATOR, Dewastator



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14 hours ago, Canucklehead said:

Ahh, okay. The ' dewa ' seemed somewhat familiar. There was a player, back in the old Legacy days, that went by the name dewah77, if I remember correctly.

dewah was a legacy legend, nowadays, a scammer often uses that name

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They are probably the most infamous smurf in this game.  Or might be a traded account on the "account black market" or whatever.

Which would make sense to me if it was a traded account: then you don't need to care if you're caught because it's just a random account that might not be traceable back to you.  (This is just me thinking hypothetically.)

Just a regular smurf.  Do your best to kick their butt so long as you don't do it by engaging in smurfing.  Don't fight evil with evil.  Fight evil with good.

And/or join Noble Warriors, a clan that is anti-hacking and anti-smurfing.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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1 minute ago, Tigergeezer said:

I think I've had that account just quit on me when he could clearly have kicked my ass - presumably just lowering ranks enough to smurf folks lower down?

yep. hes beaten my ass so many time, but also quit a large number of them


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