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  1. Hello, As some of you already know, I am working on the development of a new Supermechs with the collaboration of @Spam mainly who gives me visual content of their fanarts such as the giant mech that you will see in the video later. The main objective of this project is to make a supermech exclusively for all fans, that is, any of you can contribute your fanarts for this new supermech. (The game is a bit different from the original in the sense of playability) * I want to implement a simultaneous 2 player gameplay (You could play on the same keyboard with your friend or brother) (offline for the moment). * The gameplay will also be dynamic (no turns). * Two players have to coordinate and cooperate to defeat a very powerful mech (you could call it (Titan or Mech Titan like the original SM)). * If you defeat the MechTitan you will get 2 random items from the same mech that you defeated with the help of your friend (player 1 or player 2) (you could get its legs, torso or any weapon). And that was it, here is a preview of the development of the project: 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLSE4QxPGOk 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpCGCQEBQyo And new items that I made like : Akihabara MK1 Archimonde legs
  2. That's right, everything is programming, even the snow at the end.
  3. Thank you very much !!!, It has no sound at the moment and I did not use AE either because it is only a videogame that I started developing at the beginning of this day.
  4. Ok , I have a lot of work to do, I'll upload a video again for when I can do something more remarkable and thanks for the Plasma Tunneler.
  5. 駅JThat's the name of my YouTube channel, but it doesn't have many visits or videos, so I also planned to post it here (to explain the project)later. Anyway here is the link in case you want to see :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLSE4QxPGOk
  6. Well, actually I already made a part of the game that I could show you. Mind if I upload it to my youtube channel?, I ask you this question because I put one of your mechs in the video.
  7. Sad. Btw I have some knowledge in video game development so ... I think I could at least make a mini supermechs with some of your fanart so you can see it in action. It would be a video game available for all supermech artists who make fanart, I know it is not something original but at least it would be fun to play with new items.
  8. A Drill arm Although sometimes I feel that you are a worker who is being exploited by the community doing too much fanart.
  9. Great, it reminds me of the side weapons that god mode had.
  10. both , but you need to think about the desing. must look brutal >:V
  11. You could make an ultra overpower weapon with one use
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_ihKmaW32o&list=WL&index=6
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