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  1. Well, actually Massive feet also grant 10 resistance for each element. I think it would be a very good idea that the rest of the legs including the tracks or wheels have defense to counteract the OP massive feet.
  2. I think you mean: WHY DO THOSE CAMPAIGN MECHS HAVE SO MUCH HP AND DO SO MUCH DAMAGE IF THEY ONLY HAVE EPIC AND LEGENDARY ITEMS ???? That's right dude, when you play in normal mode the stats are fine, as they should be, BUT when you play hard or insane those enemies get buffed out of nowhere. It just doesn't make sense and it's frustrating. Developers should make enemies again in campaign. (custom builds) like the previous version, as that made more sense than these dumb power-ups.
  3. You should use Windigo because it is extremely buffed since in Divine it has 1209 HP and 30 Pys Resist and it weighs less than the monkey torso.
  4. No. I think you are not considering the high amount of Heat cost that the weapon has, that is, for a pyro it would be easy to defeat a mech that has this sword if it overheats with 140 (the mech that uses the sword must have a large amount of heat storage) (((In addition to the fact that there are already other melee weapons without energy cost such as saws))). Besides that it is the only sword in the game with 1 point of range (instead the others have (1-2) ) and you should also consider that it also has a low resistance drain of 4 points. AND, I'M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THIS: ('
  5. hola, no se puede quitar la base, solo te dan una oportunidad al principio para elegir seguir teniendo la tienda o la base
  6. well, it was not difficult to translate your text as you said in fact you explained your point better than the first time you wrote in English. and I did not know that you were so sensitive because my intention was not to offend you at any time.
  7. Ok , as you like. Entoces crees que el ingles es mas importante que el español , debe ser por eso que en estados unidos la mayoria de las personas solo hablan su propio idioma y en latinoamerica son autodidactas y almenos aspiran a ser poliglotas. oh! by the way It's not that hard, to use Google translate, and translate my English text to Spanish. and (Google translate is not perfect)
  8. SonnY-ku


    a que base te refieres?
  9. If 3v3 is boring .... so then..... bad idea
  10. What do you think about a '' recycled '' version (((like all new items in the current supermech))) of Yoshimo Blade ? It could be introduced as a physical weapon like its corresponding Archimonde torso with these stats: (Divine) 48 weight 408-510 pys dmg 1 range 4 resist drain 140 heat cost 80 backfire * some examples of recycled legacy items: mech torsos: Brutality-God Mode, GrimReaper-Hellfire Armor, Archimonde-Yoshimo X, USA mk 1-Windigo.
  11. know something?, I think your proposal seems perfect if you compare it with a buff torso like windigo
  12. Weight: 360 HP: 980 Heat Capacity: 280 Cooling: 120 Energy Capacity: 210 Regeneration: 120 Resistance: 40 explosive, 40 physical, 40 electric ok, now what do you think?
  13. but you can lower the other stats to balance it
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