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  1. If it weren’t for the fact that u and ur alts seem to never have over 5 replays. Supposing u have any, however u seem to still gain 50+ Ap in one day.
  2. Wouldn’t really call them nice things
  3. Firstly, if a player, on a day to day basis, has instant quit replays, from the same accounts, one could assume he/she is boosting. No, it is not interesting, but it is also not interesting to have a player win every week just by boosting, also it is more interesting than having 0 replays innit, at least you get to see who it is that they're playing against. Lastly, there is another solution, no more instant quitting, meaning a match must last 10 turns for you to be able to quit. Should help fix counters partially at least, although it will give them rewards which is kinda stupid imo. But they will have to wait 10 turns until they can quit against the person who would have beaten them.
  4. Ready for 5 warning points? Reason: Witch Hunting
  5. hes actually not a bad guy, fought him many times.
  6. Again, imo, no, when I wanna make builds in WU, I can get better stats with nightmare than with vests tbh
  7. I disagree, but its up to preference ig
  8. id say it depends, if u have a deep inventory, it is worth it to lose those 100 hp, and idk how much res for those extra kgs, making it as good/better in some cases, but for f2p mpv/lpv are better I agree
  9. No, you don't, spam is wrong, upgrading a kit with another common kit is a waste of kits, to get a lvl 5 kit (+1400 boost power), you can either use a power kit (cost 6k in base), or 3 commons (cost 3k in base), so it is twice as effective to use commons to upgrade, than it is to use PUK to upgrade other PUK. In regards to what you said about storing kits, it is wrong see here: If I have 1 max common kit, i have 10k boost power, if i wish to upgrade it to rare, I use 2 common items=800 boost power, then I must upgrade the rare kit with 35.8k boost power to max it, meaning to get 50k boost power (1 max rare kit), I use 46.6k boost power. So a small gain, around 7% If i just upgrade a common PUK to max, I use around 7.6 k boost power, to get 10k boost power, which is a gain of 33% If I have a max rare kit (50k boost power), and transform it to epic using 2 rares (3.52k boost power), and then max it (85.8k boost power), I use a total of 139.32k boost power, to get 1 max epic kit, which only gives 130k boost power, so you are losing boost power by transforming a max rare kit to epic IfI have a max epic kit (130k), and transform it to legy using 4 epics (14k boost power), and max it (200k boost power), I get a PUK that has 300k boost power, however to get that PUK, I used 343k boost power, so I lose even more power. So we can conclude, it is never worth it to transform kits, unless you have big inventory problems.
  10. Why, it is worth it, it's not worth it to use a common puk to upgrade another common puk, if u want a lvl 5 common puk, use 3 common items, as they are less precious than puk Also, nowhere in the thread does it say that u shouldn't upgrade common PUK, it says not to transform them, and that's true, don't transform a common PUK. Or any Puk for that matter To sum it up, this is the most efficient way to upgrade, and a way to stably be able to produce a max myth every third day. If you only craft PUK, it costs a total of 42k to get 1 max common kit (u need 6 kits to use to upgrade, and the one kit ur upgrading=total 7 kits= 42 kit) If you craft commons instead, you only use 25k (19 commons + the kit you are upgrading= 19k + 6k = 25k) So, it is more efficient to use commons to upgrade, it is a waste to upgrade using anything other than max level kits. the whole point of power kits is to max them just fyi
  11. as I said, crafting a puk costs 6k, u need 6 to max 1 common puk using only lvl 1 common puk that costs 36k If you use commons to max a common puk, you need 19, that costs 19k to craft from base so it it is more efficient to use commons also, u needa get the puk somehow now, otherwise commons also have no cost, you jsut get them for free from boxes, what's your point?
  12. no it's not, you're wrong This is the most efficient way to upgade 1 puk=6k, to max 1 common puk you need 6 lvl 1 common puk= 36k compared to 19 commons= 19k do not ever upgrade using lvl 1 puk
  13. puk= more expensive than puk, also if it takes those coins, that makes puk even more rpecious
  14. Exactly my point, it would only work on scopes, but it would be extremely op on scopes, kind of like rail gun on dual val builds.
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