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300 win in 2 days 不


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26 minutes ago, Ad1tya said:

Candela Inc peeps : I do that every week bro

You mean the wins? 300 in 2 days every 2 days?

not necessarily have to be a cheater. there are players focus in wins and do those numbers legally. Not common but yes with people doing nothing than to play the game. I even can make that if focus on it in 2v2 and 1v1 but I am busy at work but did in the past for gold needseven so every week...every 2 days.... still hard to do but they get over 1000 a season.

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14 minutes ago, Electrick010 said:

The highest achievement that he has made was 1000 in the 3vs3 season, it was when he was new to Candela, who knows what his past times are, but whoever has him in his clan has winning potential.

yes, we have some reached 1000 and surpassing 1000. Also, if not wrong there is a clan at lower ranks making 10k in 1v1

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