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  1. I like this, it definitely would give me more motivation to play campaign
  2. Hey so like i'm finally able to join your clan but it says no matches found
  3. I keep going on a streak of losing in PVP to the point that I almost stopped doing PVP altogether and went back to just keep doing the same level on 1v1s to get a better second mech so I don't know if clans with requirements are for me, but hey i'll consider joining it once my progress is more stable and my rank doesnt go down hill
  4. Its reveag (all lowercase i think). But im not in the clan, i wanted to join but i noticed the requirements for must participate in clan wars and rank 15, im on the edge of going back to 16 because i dont have a good enough second mech
  5. I dont have a 3rd mech so i cant meet clan wars require ments
  6. And then theres the Cannon Feet and dual needle blasters meta
  7. I tried spelling Revenge, thats all lol
  8. World map as a campaign and mech cockpit as menu
  9. Since i don't get involved with cheats, what's cw hack? (apologies if this sounds dumb)
  10. Oh man i remember when i fused my nightfall, 2 annihilation's, Reckoning and mighty cannon just for a mythical Interceptor (I ended up replacing the Interceptor with a Naga anyways which in result wasted my 5 good legendaries)
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