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  1. well not 600 per shot, the damage in total would still be 300 but the base 300 damage is just split between two hits which makes it 150 per boomerang hit, and 1 turn counts as 2 hits from the boomerang (due to how a boomerang comes back after being thrown/shot), not sure how to explain this since i am not an expert at explaining EDIT: Here's an image version of what i meant when i said the 300 damage is split between 2 hits
  2. Maybe have it like a grenade launcher because this looks more like a terror cry with sharper edges to me (not that its bad, its just what im seeing and its still a cool art so great job ) EDIT: I just realized this just makes it a side weapon version of night eagle, so.... maybe boomerang gun? hits target twice and explodes on the second way coming back, the "hitting target twice" means that the damage is split between 2 waves, for example instead of dealing 300 in 1 shot it deals 150 in the first hit and another 150 in the second hit
  3. It firing 1 small rocket red rain style to the back would be cool (like that one drone in legacy that is basically a flying shell bunker/magma blast but deals 20-25 damage)
  4. I think we should also have premium items (especially good ones and except exclusives like Sabretooth's) as being rare to be rolled into the shop, MAYBE have the item roll through a randomizer of levels for each few hours (since its a daily shop) varying from low level to half maxed. Adding paints and powerkits for a slightly discounted price would be nice too
  5. That’s a Juggernaut torso (level 6 in legacy’s item shop, common rarity) and the weapon resembles a headhunter rather than a BigDaddy/Crazed Repeater, the legacy version of the headhunter was Energy based (also level 5-6 rare)
  6. not sure if your “Do you know who I am” card works here man
  7. The demo like version was Battle Mechs (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) the campaign in legacy also featured Golden and silver boxes (until the last level which featured a red mythical one), these boxes contained ACTUAL items and still remained the chances of getting a mythical In the loading screen when you start the game, there is a rocket firing drone from legacy crashed on the ground In the main menu, there are blue prints of legacy stuffs composed of a Red Angel drone from legacy and the starter drone (the drone you are given once you completed the tutorial in legacy) and a mech There are also ammo packs in the main menu background (which isn’t a thing anymore since reloaded) There are also 2 drones on the sides of The Dry Lands background Starts below are not Easter eggs I just thought it would be nice to list them There used to be a feature where Torsos have different slot stats, for example, Newbie torso had 1 side weapon slot while Commando (upgraded orange version of Newbie) had 2 side weapon slots, and only Ultra Gladiator (the best torso in the game at that phase, this was before when the Galaxus model series and the stampede series came, heck, this was even before shotguns were a thing) The teleport effects in the guide now uses the new teleport effect rather than the old wire frame one There were actually green themed torsos and legs in legacy Not sure if the torso that was hung was an Emerald, it looked different, Emerald (counterpart of Ruby in Legacy) had an exposed side of pipes with green lines on them, it had 2 eyes on the side rather than 1 running down the front of the torso. Not to mention Emerald actually had small pipes with green dots on the front arranged like a smile, however, the torso that was on the crane was definitely in legacy because it looked extremely familiar (most likely around level 20-25 in legacy’s item shop)
  8. I’d say cut off one of the frantic Lightning’s, use another leg that’s not as restricting as the claw because you have a blind spot at close and there is no way to get out of it, I suggest replacing one of the Frantics with a valiant sniper and get a lightning recoiler
  9. I got a few July 4th decals that I want to paint on my Nightmare, which I'm close to mything, I just want to know if it would stay even after evolving it
  10. Base to me is pretty nice, im slowly making progress to level 20 to basically just get free legendaries and epics (i stacked up money from farming everyday in SM), my base is at level 12 right now and its a great farm for when you just need parts to upgrade your items, and power kits coming from crafting is really helpful
  11. Hope you dont mind but im also going to add in my own items that i would love to see in reloaded
  12. Any suggestions for a better torso? or can i just use nightmare and it'll be better
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