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24 minutes ago, Fordekash said:

I don’t get what is going on here but am glad to hear someone is having fun!!! 

Sadly it isnt as fun at it seems, it the same person boosting themselves in the leader board by using Accounts, they do this because they cant win in a normal battle Its only fun for them apparently, as it ruins the game for everyone else.

Long live the Dragon Emperor


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why are you people playing and paying for a game that you don't enjoy is beyond me

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Buckshot Frenzy [Burst Type: Third Cycle]SG - Children Of Anarchy enters full auto and reload drum mags instead of single shells, bolstering it's own Clip Size by ▲200% and all ally's SG - Class ATK Speed and ATK by ▲50%, consistent "meat shot" buckshot spreads will rewards Buckshot Frenzy Duration for another 1 second per shot, Buckshot Frenzy do bonus ▲35% D.M.T.R Code Based Damage against enemy shields and barriers .[CD: 115 Seconds][Active]
SG - Children Of Anarchy 「Squad Café Sweety」: SG - Children Of Anarchy fires Black Typhoon Shells with 50% more pellets per buckshot and passively boost all ally SG - Class with ▲25% bonus clip size when deployed at the cost of ▼25% reduced reload speed per reload cycle. 
[Passive] [Squad Synergy : SR - Efficient Slacker SR - Haymaker]

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