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  1. But if we add trading then i can farm alt accounts, so we should add it
  2. Oki Doki is still one of the best players tbh, in my retired opinion
  3. ngl i think thats why i made it, was some joke thing at the time
  4. @hekral1234message me when you want to battle
  5. Brother i need it, i suck at GOAT tourneys, I dont think my goofy builds can win this time
  6. i can confirm that this info is accurate Mech Chunks 5.0 number 1 congrats on the outstanding season
  7. i swear they are just the same person though, same style of typing, same profiles.
  8. We have actually fought alot, there as a period of time where you kept trying to recruit me into your clan, also i change my statement, arena lag is very bad Game froze against a person who i actually like
  9. maybe its only you experiencing the lag issues, my game has been fine, im on a winning streak
  10. Hmm, looks like Shigiraki from mha
  11. Hmm, tempting but if i remember correctly paint dosent actually count as space as it classes as a Kit, the perks take space though which is why i got rid of most of mine, i will fuse the dupe items eventually when i have the power kits to upgrade items
  12. But we had a portal on the 4th of july, it hasent even been a month
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