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  1. A great EP from last year - incredibly well composed and crafted. It’s pretty left field in terms of structure and sound design, so it might be hard to follow, though (the video provided is a playlist of all 4 tracks - it’s a little over a 13 minute listen).
  2. Coddiwomple


    “Premium” items are items that can only be obtained at legendary tier (you may also hear people refer to them as L-Ms). As such, they are quite difficult to obtain. While many of them are exceptionally powerful, a good handful are quite useless.
  3. This definitely isn’t the best offer for a 2k token price point, but you still get a reasonable discount on packs, plus some other things.
  4. Not bad for 1k tokens, maybe even above average for the price.
  5. Constantly adding new items to the game only provides an artifice of novelty, and, as pointed out by posters above, waters down drop rates. Shaking up the top meta would be much easier to do with a balance update rather than the introduction of a host of (potentially useless) new items. A lot can change if a few items are balanced to be viable in top rank builds.
  6. How has this topic not been moved to Spam yet?
  7. The best approach imo is to simply make these items obsolete, either by introducing new items or retroactively nerfing them (like the 1 kg teleport nerf). I personally favor the former. The main problem with legacy items in reloaded is how they can provide niche utilities, most notably the repulsers (e.g. Bully, etc.) and lightweight legs (e.g. Surfboard, Rolin, etc.) that other items can’t provide.
  8. sweet Badges were nice on the old forum, and it’s good to see them return in some fashion over here.
  9. Aside from regular, day-long sales, there are also random offers that will pop up at any time (like the one shown here) - they’re never purchasable with tokens, though.
  10. I’m passing on this offer - not because it’s bad, but because I’ve gotten 4 energy fortresses and don’t need a 5th
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