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🔥Burning Champions Tournament 🔥


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Hello Pilots!

Welcome to the new Burning Champions Tournament! 🔥🔥🔥

Important things to know - please read carefully

 - You will all receive a brand new, special account which will have a certain level, boxes and other stuff needed for the purpose of the tournament. You do not use your own accounts. The account will be banned after the tournament. Please do not attempt to share your passwords, trade or anything similar. 

 - You can participate ONLY ONCE in the tournament. Meaning you cannot make multiple accounts or applications. One person – one participation.

 - Application and account distribution, as well as posting your mechs will be done on this link:  https://community.supermechs.com/knowledgebase/bct-mech-submission/ , it takes you to a forum form where you can apply for participating in the tournament by filling in the form. The form will be open until Monday noon. 

IN THAT FORM YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS. Before the account distribution begins, I will ask you in your form to let me know if you still want to participate and receive your account. This is to prevent me from having to make over 60 accounts each time while almost a half has either given up or never touched their account, but it has to be discarded as the login details have been given away and it can no longer be used in the future tournaments. Once the distribution is done, you can then just check your form for the account details. No players can see your submission. 

You will have a week to make and test a mech and when you are ready, post the final mech in the same form you created when signing up. After the mech posting time is done, you can no longer edit the mech. Your mech in battle must match the one you submitted in the form.

The rules 

As the title and I have promised, this tournament is going to be all about heat. Here are the instructions:

- Make a mech using items up to a level 1 epic or below.
- All weapons, torsos, legs and specials must be heat type.
- You cannot use two weapons that are the same!
- Modules can be energy, physical or heat. 
- The next items are forbidden in the tournament: Heat Bomb,
- The tournament is a usual knock-out structure, you will be assigned a pair who you will fight and the winner moves to the next round. You have about 48h to do your battle, it's up to you and your pair to schedule it. 

Please post the replays in the thread with other details like who fought etc, so we can make sure everything is okay.

The rewards 

1st place – 2000 tokens + 9 paint kits of choice from the shop

2nd place – 1500 tokens 

3rd place – 1000 tokens

4th place – 500 tokens

If I missed anything please tag me and ask, or if you generally have any questions that are not already explained in the topic.

I hope everyone will have fun and I wish you best of luck in the fights! 🍀

Elcent is the best.


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1 minute ago, 888 said:

So, when do we show our ID for our regular account, and whill more info be released about who is fighting who and etc.

You send your account ID in the sign up page, there are video tutorials explaining how to sign up above, the ID used would be the account the rewards are sent to

I assume the fight bracket will be released once everyone has submitted their builds, which requires the special account info, which we will proberbly get on Monday or Tuesday

Long live the Dragon Emperor


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  • Community Team

So I have posted in some of the applications asking you if you are still interested in participating. You can simply just answer me there with yes/no. 

Im doing this so I save everyone's time basically, mostly mine as I need to make every single account, assign it to people and all the following. Some players had a habit of applying the very first day and then I guess either forgetting or giving up without letting me know, and I still sent them their accounts which were then never used. But I still had to ban them as login details have been given out. And this wasnt a small number of players but often above 15-20, which is then a waste of time and accounts. 

I didnt write to people I know already and that have participated before and I know there was no issue with them ever. So dont worry if I didnt write to you lol 

Once again a reminder, application lasts until tomorrow noon! Just a bit more than 24h left to apply!


Elcent is the best.


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