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Turkey is in extreme crisis right now.


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Alright im gonna try to cut this topic short but these are starting to worry me a lot.

Turkey is dying. Both economically and actually dying. 

Part 1 - Economy

Lately dollar has been increasing in value so much (the Turkish money currency is TL.) That 13 GODDAMN TL'S is BARELY ENOUGH to make ONE, O N E single dollar.

Basically if you didnt understand what im saying let me give you an example. You will understand what im saying in a second.

A decent pc that i bought around the summer of 2020 for 3.100 TL is now FRICKING 8.200.


This is disgusting to see. This just disgusts me.

Or for an example one of the most common needs for a kitchen oil, for 2 liters is 90 TL. Which basically means if you get an average of 3.400 salary you are blowing 1/34 of your salary for a very important kitchen need that lasts for around 10-15 meals.

Which basically means, people are gonna start RAIDING SHOPS TO GET FOOD.

The government is sh!t, the president is sh!t and they dont care what people want. They just decide their own stupid decisions.

Part 2 - Health and The Virus Situation

Ah yes my favourite part.

It is fine they said. You will be safe, they said.

What did i discover today? Those 2 quotes are one giant rumor and lie.

Turkey gets around 25k cases DAILY. With the average death count being 250 DAILY. 

Thankfully the place that i live in turkey isnt that crowded. Although danger is still very, very near.

I literally saw around 6 of my relatives and close family members die because of the virus. And im still hearing more relatives get infected.

Dogsh!t factor #1: People are protesting against the vaccine and nearly 40% still havent got a single vaccine with the 60% still having one. (Which the first vaccine is way out of date by now.)

And wanna know the fun part? The schools are still open 24/7 with each teacher getting the virus.

There is around 15 teachers in this school. If one of them has the virus and goes to the teachers room, all the teachers are doomed.

Dogsh!t factor #2: You need 2 cases for a CLASS to close up. 

One case in the class? Nah bro its fine just dont die.

2 cases? Still takes a while and hesitation to get the class closed.


After 10 days? If you dont come back you are written absent.


For this whole time, whole time i was staying calm but this is the last drop of the cup. We cant stay like this anymore. Im worried that something terrible happen and im gonna get flashbacks later on.


That is if i survive by then.


Just had to give off a little steam. Sorry for being too off-topic.





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A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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On 24/11/2021 at 13:26, iSwarky said:

Muy bien, intentaré acortar este tema, pero esto me está empezando a preocupar mucho.

Turquía está muriendo. Tanto económicamente como realmente muriendo. 

Parte 1 - Economía

Últimamente, el valor del dólar ha aumentado tanto (la moneda turca es TL.) Que 13 GODDAMN TL'S es BASTANTE SUFICIENTE para hacer UN,  UN  solo dólar.

Básicamente, si no entendiste lo que digo, déjame darte un ejemplo. Entenderás lo que estoy diciendo en un segundo.

Una PC decente que compré alrededor del verano de 2020 por 3.100 TL ahora es una PUTAMENTE 8.200.


Es repugnante ver esto. Esto simplemente me repugna.

O por ejemplo, una de las necesidades más comunes de un aceite de cocina, para 2 litros es 90 TL. Lo que básicamente significa que si obtienes un salario promedio de 3.400, estás gastando 1/34 de tu salario para una necesidad de cocina muy importante que dura entre 10 y 15 comidas.

Lo que básicamente significa que la gente empezará a asaltar tiendas para conseguir comida.

El gobierno es una mierda, el presidente es una mierda y no les importa lo que la gente quiera. Ellos simplemente deciden sus propias decisiones estúpidas.

Parte 2 - La salud y la situación del virus

Ah, sí, mi parte favorita.

Está bien, dijeron. Estarás a salvo, dijeron.

¿Qué descubrí hoy? Esas 2 citas son un gran rumor y una mentira.

Turquía recibe alrededor de 25.000 cajas DIARIAMENTE. Con el recuento promedio de muertes de 250 DIARIOS. 

Afortunadamente, el lugar donde vivo en Turquía no está tan lleno de gente. Aunque el peligro todavía está muy, muy cerca.

Literalmente vi morir a unos 6 de mis parientes y familiares cercanos a causa del virus. Y sigo escuchando que más parientes se infectan.

Factor de mierda # 1: La gente está protestando contra la vacuna y casi el 40% todavía no ha recibido una sola vacuna y el 60% todavía la tiene. (Que la primera vacuna ya no está actualizada).

¿Y quieres saber la parte divertida? Las escuelas siguen abiertas las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana y cada maestro contrae el virus.

Hay alrededor de 15 profesores en esta escuela. Si uno de ellos tiene el virus y va a la sala de profesores, todos los profesores están condenados.

Factor Dogsh! T # 2: Necesitas 2 casos para que una  CLASE se  cierre. 

¿Un caso en la clase? No hermano, está bien, simplemente no mueras.

2 casos? Todavía lleva un tiempo y dudas cerrar la clase.


¿Despues de 10 dias? Si no regresa, está escrito ausente.


Durante todo este tiempo, todo el tiempo estuve tranquilo, pero esta es la última gota de la taza. Ya no podemos quedarnos así. Me preocupa que suceda algo terrible y más adelante tendré flashbacks.


Eso es si sobrevivo para entonces.


Solo tuve que soltar un poco de vapor. Perdón por no hablar demasiado del tema.





You don't know anything about what happens in my country 🙂

The same and worse

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On 11/25/2021 at 6:01 AM, Fordekash said:

I think their recent “falling out” with western allies is starting to wear on the economy.

tutkey is an amazing country with lots to offer. I hope they can stabilize their geo political situation and provide comfort  and happiness  to their citizens.

"Turkey is an amazing country with lots to offer"

Thats what she said lmao


Another fun fact: The school minister literally doesnt have a single social media account. So even if you wanted to protest him, he literally wouldnt hear you.

The old one quit because of mfs saying online schooling is bad.

Online school is literally had the one thing i needed. Sleep.

I was waking up 10 minutes before class. 10.

Now i wake up 1 hour and 20 minutes before class.


And since we were quarentined for 1.5 years we are having double the exams.


A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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Not just your country bro, but I feel you.  Let it out.  It's not gonna cool down. Prices are rising everywhere. The virus mutates, so it won't die. As for the Vaccine, there are a lot of people are against it. It is horrible. I was piss at one time, but now I say forget it. Just a heads up, I got the booster yesterday. The third shot, just to keep safe.

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