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The unsafe webside problem

ramzy ez


There is an issue (at least i have it) that facebook will not let me login to my account that is loged in threw facebook. Facebook blocks the loading and throw a pop up window saying ''the webside is unsafe we will not let you join it until this webside 

does not update security settings.....

That is the issue it will not let me log in to my account it is lost i think. 1759506280_2020-12-27(5).thumb.png.76c1a21f40a3d2ecf510ffa45aee063a.png
Anyone else have this issue tell me how to fix please i'm sad xD 

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It still works for me via facebook, but it's best to download the game now if you will keep on playing via PC. Flash won't be updated anymore in 5 days, so the web version will be obsolete then whatsoever.

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