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  1. Alexander's post in Supermechs bann appeal was marked as the answer   
    We only handle ban appeals via the official address as listed in the FAQ.
    That said we rarely ever unban anyone, yours doesn't really have a chance.
  2. Alexander's post in change boss Littlelost Your Lost was marked as the answer   
    To change your clan leader, please use a support request in game from the account currently in charge with the following information: 
    Name: Clan Leadership Change
    Please change the clan leadership of *clan name*.
    Current leader's playerID: 
    New leader (must be a clan member)'s playerID:
    It has to be the full number under settings -> information. Please add a personal comment beneath it as well indicating you want it changed. Please understand that this may take some time, as leadership changes are manual and we like to batch them.
  3. Alexander's post in Um, What Happened? was marked as the answer   
    We had an issue causing reactions to give 101 instead of 1 (or 1-6, like now) points each - which lead to you and some others ranking up absurdly fast. We undid this.
    Since, we decided to incorporate past reactions, followers etc without content (as with past warnings not removing points yet, it would reward past spam heavily otherwise) leading to the current ranks.
  4. Alexander's post in server down? was marked as the answer   
    There was some server downtime, it's been solved now. 
    Thanks for reporting 🙂
  5. Alexander's post in who do i contact gato games was marked as the answer   
    You can contact us via our email, support@gatogames.net. 
    Please read the Frequently Asked Questions first though (Information -> Frequently Asked Questions), it’s pointless to contact us over things we can’t help with or already listed down 😃
  6. Alexander's post in Just wana ask something was marked as the answer   
    Search box -> More Options -> Members
    Browse -> Staff
    Or hover over my name or profile picture. 🙂
  7. Alexander's post in Embedded SM Discord link is missing. was marked as the answer   
    Fixed it thank you! I forgot to turn it to invite. By default it doesn't invite, just shows online members. :')
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