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  1. you've got a point
  2. I've got an idea that may be cool to mention. I was watching some supermechs fanarts and it would be cool if our supermechs mods bring us new playable element. My idea was bringing Radioactive or Rad items. I honestly don't know how would you implement it in and what would be the efect of it but it seems cool. You can write opinion under topic.
  3. don't worry i just found picture of max down blaze on internet i didn't do it actualy
  4. I feel comfident about this
  5. Can you please add mute button on desktop supermechs app when i farm i get advertisement every misssion it is ok for me but please let us mute them they are still the same ones and i'm sick of them. Also i usualy listen to music in my headphones and the advertisement just mess it up
  6. Can you please make the advertisements for windows downloaded supermechs less frequent ? Yes i know it is source of money you need to keep game going and having something from it but every campaign mission = 1ad? When i'm trying to farm my 3K energy I'm about to get you over the moon with money lmao
  7. it is more like buffed than nerfed i think it does now min 250 damage and max 600 it is like even better now xd
  8. i play on computer and i had it on my old phone but i have a new one now. I will try to conect on my old google play account thx for tip if it works
  9. I'm sorry i confused you but it is older screenshot from my friend that sent it for me to have an evidence
  10. Hello! Anyone have a problem same like my that i had to sacrefice one account that was linked threw supermechs ? Because the flash player shutdown we can no longer save account threw supermechs so i was forced to delete one of my two accounts but it glitched out. Like allways. I clicked i wanna choose to delete account lvl 72 my alt account but it deleted my account lvl 172 called ↓ Great right ? Yes! Also the best when i just got magma fortress i'm happy it glitches out and delete it .......... Can anybody help ? I don't expect it to be restored but anyway why me ? ;v
  11. There is an issue (at least i have it) that facebook will not let me login to my account that is loged in threw facebook. Facebook blocks the loading and throw a pop up window saying ''the webside is unsafe we will not let you join it until this webside ↓ does not update security settings..... That is the issue it will not let me log in to my account it is lost i think. Anyone else have this issue tell me how to fix please i'm sad xD
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