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Found 4 results

  1. Hi , Bring all back !!! It’s time to bring back ultra mythical box . LEGACY Items as mythical weapons as it should be in a legendary Historical game? Ex : Mythical front Shield, and others weapons,Amos rack …. SM Suggestion’s and . opinions on moving this game forward . ( Ps ultra box or egg for Easter ) vote
  2. The mechanic's name: Armor Piercing [AP for short] • Basically, a weapon with such characteristic would ignore a certain amount of resistance. [[ Let's imagine a drone, with 200 physical damage, it always would deal that amount as long as the target has zero resistance, very precise! But now it faces a opponent with 120 resistance to it, Making it deal 80 damage... with a certain amount of AP this same drone will still make it hurt enough to make a significant impact in battle. The drone with AP60+ added to its 80 damage on that 120 resistance fore... will deal 140 instead of just 80 out of it's total 200... ]] • It wouldn't give extra damage like energy does when the foes has lower energy remaining in comparison to weapon's energy damage... [ AP wouldn't affect negative resistances values, Because you can't pierce what ISN'T there anymore ] [[ That same drone, 200 damage right? but now the foe has -50 resistance to it's damage... As said... AP wouldn't affect that, so the damage would be 250!... and NOT: 200damage +60AP 50Negative res = 310 total? that'll be 110 plus on the original drone's damage... i believe this seems to be unfair, and if you use this formula on actual SM drones it would be a overkill... some drones dealing +400 plus as is... now add this AP stuff when mechs on the negatives and HOLLY MOLLY THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE... that's the reason why AP shouldn't affect negative res, Also that would be a nice opportunity to buff items that has fallen to useless level, like Purifier, Greedy... Etc ]] PS: I didn't actually wanted to make a suggestion, i tinkered that mechanic for fun AND because my work in progress drone will have that mechanic in mind, worry not i will make it balanced. So anyways pilots, if you want to discuss... suggest... question... even SCREAM at the top of yer lungs then feel free to do it let's have fun screaming at each other! Edit: i got a chart of AP values Changes may happen in the future.
  3. Hi. I'm very new to this game. I saw there there are a lot of buffs to purchase in the arena shop. What should I prioritize? I think increasing the rate of free Fortune Boxes is great. I also think increasing the upgrade speed of base is nice, but maybe become useless after maxing base. Is it ideal to prioritize free Fortune Boxes buff over the others(such as campaign gold increase)? Also, are the stats buff applies in the arena only, or does it apply to campaign too? E.G. If I need more health in campaign, would upgrading the +%HP in arena shop help me?
  4. As a lot of players know, after you reach a high rank (ranks 5-1) you start accumulating lots of commom and rare relics and you can't do much with them. Most of the itens you'll need divine require only the epics and mainly the legendaries reliquies. (You rarely use the commons and the rares relics to divine some item). The following is, I thought about a system that you can covert your relics. For exemple: You need 2 common relics for 1 rare relic, 2 rare relics for an epic relic and for the last, 2 epic relics for a legendary relic. With this reasoning, high rank players will not accumulate commons and rares reliquies anymore and they'll divine their itens faster. Do you think that idea could work? Do you have any suggestion or doubht about that idea? Thanks for the attention, take care pilots!
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