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4 hours ago, GuningSnipping said:

Thanks but any tips how to use a modules properly? 

Try 2 engines and 1 booster of each type.

Don't run single resist module. In rank 12, resistance don't really make much difference but physical do.

The 2 engines and 1 booster  have some more space for stuff. Idk what your playstyle is so I'll leave that to you.



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On 9/29/2021 at 5:13 PM, GuningSnipping said:

Guys is there any tips how to improve my mech? I'm at Rank 12 and I'm making a energy mech.  here is all my top  weapons  side weapons and other things.

Drop the resistance modes and replace with heat or energy mod. Max your mods and you probably can drop the party crasher once the rest of your items max

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