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  1. Problem here is i don't have fuel to charge this thing
  2. Still no mighty protector Also got 6 defence matrixes but no single maximum protector
  3. Wrong, Malice beam is the most used ene weapon i just came from a battle with some one runs 2 malices on rank1 Me run one on my ene too Blood weep All i can say its a slow weapon
  4. So its season end which means its time to open my weekly fortune boxes, base cards and rank 1 arena box 2 factories × 3 cards 2nd OP The other one dropped 3 epics -_- Out of 18 Fortunes 3 legies and got my 1st red rain :3 Others are foods Rip Rank 1 box it just showed the purple light again
  5. LM Deal drops I have every thing except bulldog and its useless RIP 40 days of tokens collecting Also Superb not from the deal
  6. I bought today's deal and laterally didn't get any thing useful then decided to open my day 7 reward
  7. Anguish is ok but torment??? Its laterally worst ene drone ever if it didn't get buffed Why don't you try electrolyte since you use party crusher?
  8. I just got a platinum fortress from box opened accidentally and now i can make my 2nd triple res mech And yeah no mighty no supercharge protec i just have 2 individual res mods of each element
  9. Yeah since you're p2w mostly you don't need to craft lvl20 option but an F2P like me needs items will probably craft to try to get something
  10. I have 2 factories crafting EL option 24/7 and i didn't get any thing since i started Thats why they are only 2 cuz i don't wanna force all gold i have for nothing
  11. Wow u have cursed rng I didn't get any single LM from factories so far
  12. True, never transtforn kits But why its better to craft kits only instead of commons - kits doesn't need space - you have a chance for rare kits So the more kits you make the more rare kits you get, also you can fuse lvl 16 rare puk + 1 common puk or 3 common items to lvl 1 rare puk to max it Still some times you will need some common items to have better fuse system
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