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Change Suggestion: Valiant Sniper


Change Suggestion: Valiant Sniper   

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  1. 1. Should the Valiant sniper be changed as suggested in the below post?

    • Do this change
    • Do not do this change
    • Tweak this change

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13 hours ago, nightmarefreddy said:

No, it's weak at dmg but  it just good about drain and resit, now you want to make that drain lower for a higher dmg for it? It's a no no

it just need to change the range(4-8 to 3-6)

It's not weak at damage once the enemy mech has been drained of energy.  And we definitely do not need to change the range.  It's fine the way it is, at least in my opinion.

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On 12/18/2020 at 8:34 AM, Elcent said:

The Valliant Sniper is probably one of the most powerful energy weapons in the game however I fear it actually does its job too well leading to players stacking too much energy to play against it or avoiding energy mechs completely. 


I would like to propose that the valiant sniper has its energy damage nerfed and regeneration damage increased. This would result in delaying the 0 energy hit making it more viable to play against the valiant without making the valiant too weak. 


  • Nerf Energy damage 240 -> 210
  • Buff Regeneration damage 13 -> 25
  • Buff electrical damage  160 - 232 -> 220 - 320 



thats basically making it more op, so wouldn't it have the opposite effect?

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On 1/6/2021 at 11:13 PM, nightmarefreddy said:

I know but i'm talking about it when enemy still not be energy break yet


Diablo with new mods and energy free energy weapons (249 energy cap) absolutely destroyed Jiyoon with Valiant Snipers and UPC (766 energy cap) a couple of weeks ago.  

Power creep on new energy free weapons is exactly why old items like VS need a buff. Who would have ever thought a 249 cap energy build could defeat a 766 cap energy build?


☝️ Signal that meta did a 180 degree turn.


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