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  1. Hi both of you, Please reach out to support with your issue and hopefully the Community Managers can help you support@gatogames.net
  2. Applications are now closed! Marija will post soon will detail about the next steps.
  3. If you have done as requested it should be okay
  4. in the message Marija sent you originally with the details you have a link to submit the GOAT mech to. Please make sure its submitted there.
  5. A little reminder that you have less than 2 hours to submit / edit your build post. After that it's closed, I will review all tomorrow and make pairs for fighting. Remember to include all the screenshots needed in your post! (Reposting as Marija's post merged)
  6. Energy weapons are allowed apart from those mentioned in the top post. Keep in mind that you'll need modules to help you combat any mech you face.
  7. Best to not change name unless Marija says you can. Tracking all the accounts and names is already quite complicated so dont want to add to that. Read Mariajs forum post above for end date for when screenshots to be submitted.
  8. Make sure you dont upgrade your arena shop guys! It would automatically disqualify you. Feel free to test your build against others in the chat area. You can also join the discord to discuss your builds with other players.
  9. Elcent


    Please do not post text deliberately jarring to read or ruin the forum experience for others
  10. Featured comment is not the same as pinned. All thats happened here is the user has used a direct link to the comment and therefore its marked as featured. Any comment you use a direct link to will do this.
  11. Hey There! Check out the announcement post from Alex:
  12. We haven't seen any other comments around this in the discord. If you are using IOS or Android have you tried clearing your cache?
  13. Alex did suggest not farming the portal! (post is in the news area)
  14. Excuse me kind gentleman. Where is the poll to voice my opinion?
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