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  1. Game is now up! Slight issue with today's event but now all running smoothly
  2. I don't think we need to make more weapons energy free. Weapon does feel like it hits a little short these days though. Perhaps some more resistance damage and a touch more energy damage.
  3. Personally as a heavy windforge user its nice to see this sort of thread to revive it. The original focus of this weapon to me was heavy energy damage and resistance drain. Therefore I would propose a reasonable energy increase and an increase to the resistance drain. +61 although it seems high is realistic given the recent swoop buff. Perhaps even higher would not be a bad thing. Increasing the resistance drain from 5 to 10 would be a nice way of digging away at those that have a large amount of resistance. Lastly to allow these large buffs I think increasing the energy cost from 31 to 41 ish would be fair. This would only impact energy vs energy battles and would help ensure the yoyo effect is lowered slightly. yoyo effect: a mech that has 69 energy currently can do 721 energy damage. It can make energy very luck/who goes first rather than skill and positioning.
  4. Sounds like a good idea up front but penalises anyone that can't play that day or is a new player that starts the day after. Much better a system that would benefit all forever more. Could you expand on this? What exactly are you trying to weigh up and are finding difficult to make a choice on? Interested to hear your thoughts considering everyone else has liked the proposal. I didn't even realise it was as low as 245... this change would mean all those players are now at 445 and could buy some extra slots at a reasonable cost
  5. Please add a negative option to your poll! For an idea to even be considered we really need to see both the positive and the negative reactions to it. Cutting off either side means we can't really get an idea of how the community feels which is an important consideration for new ideas.
  6. Hello fellow mech pilots! As you all know the grind can be a lot in the game and therefore I would like to a range of topics over the next few weeks to create suggestions to improve this. Please keep in mind these suggestions are only my own opinion and not that of Gato Games. Of course if you also have suggestions please feel free to make them below but please keep on topic! Each of these threads will be dedicated to a certain area to ensure the discussion is focussed on a key area. If your point is not to do with the key area then feel free to make your own thread! Item Limit The item limit was added as we moved to reloaded and hit a lot of players hard. It has never been liked and has even ruined some accounts due to having tens of thousands of items. Now that we have gotten used to the item limit it does have some large negatives: In a game that certain items are hard to find it forces you to chuck away the ones you do have. To boost up items you have to do multiple iterations of buying - boosting - even when you have the money to do so. You can only buy 5 slots at a time and the cost increases every time. Forces pilots to hoard boxes unable to open them due to a full inventory and may not have the time/money to boost. But it also has some positives: Loading your inventory takes less time. New players are forced to learn about boosting. Overall I feel the item limit is just too restrictive when it doesn't need to be. I also expect the server work from a few extra item slots would not be a massive impact to the game. Therefore I would like to recommend the following changes to reduce this impact: Change inventory increase size from 5 to 25 in terms of slot size. Change inventory cost from to be half the current cost per 5 slots. Add an inventory limit of X spaces (suggested 1000). Anyone that reaches above this due to the above changes would get premium boxes equating to the amount of reds you would be owed. Give players an extra 50 slots per 50 levels. (50, 100, 150, 200, 250)
  7. https://community.supermechs.com/notifications/options/ Check the bottom area and it will let you stop all emails
  8. Please keep this thread related to the Desolation suggestion by LG. Other topics should be new threads. I'll remove the off topic soon.
  9. For those wanting to know about how common their type is in society: For each gender:
  10. Hey All! If you've never completed a personality test before I suggest having a go. They can tell you a bit about yourself and are fun to do Take the test here! Feel free to let others know what your personality is in the below thread. This is me:
  11. I don't think you should weaken the non-premium version of hybrid energy cannon. Its worse in every single way. I'd actually suggest that the flaminator should be buffed slightly and the hot flash buffed in someway as well. (Before divine the hot flash used to do more energy damage but with divine Hybrid does the same)
  12. All working for me. Have you tried using a different browser/clearing cookies?
  13. The lower of energy damage by 30 and increase to regen drain by 12 is actually not a nerf or buff but actually roughly equal. Valiants are becoming less useful these days because users have higher regen and move out the way of the valiant shots. Damaging regen rather than just energy means that you can whittle away at a higher regen user with valiants. I've sometimes shot a user with 4 valiant shots and they are still regening 300 energy and I can't keep them at 0 energy. with the additional 12*4 = 48 regen damage I have far more chance at keeping them at 0 energy. Perhaps this would be better as a buff overall and should decrease the energy only by 20 instead of 30 but I feel this would be too strong and other energy weapons should be buffed instead. (not a subject for discussion in this thread)
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