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  1. I just won another leg like this... I don't know what use they have
  2. Another Burning shower... Save it for future clones
  3. @ MEGABOT No forum tens de speak in ingles, é a lingua mais falada aqui, e os devs também são ingleses, portanto agredicia que pudesses escrever em ingles usando talvez o google tradutor como eu algumas vezes lol... E ai eles vão conseguir te compreender e te poderão ajudar.
  4. Eu flexiono meu novo recorde de AP na arena
  5. That would be very OP ... I think they should do some tests with it ... because that would make regeneration modules useless and they would have to be buffed ... It would be considerable to increase 37 energy damage.
  6. the weapon is already very OP due to the damage and energy damage that causes EVERYTHING for just 31 energy cost... the damage must remain or be taken a little...
  7. I flex ... My Christmas box ...
  8. And not to forget the rework of the brother of Frantic Brute we also have the rework of Frantic Flame and for Frantic Lightning Frantic Flame: 43kg Reach 3-6 Heating cost 62 Heating damage 82 Drain 18 Damage 204-245 Frantic Lightning: 43kg Reach 3-6 Energy cost 62 Energy damage 105 Drain 18 Damage 197-236 By FAIOLAAA GAMES and I ... we hope it can be a good choice.
  9. I don't know if you are from the legacy SM ... But for those who are legacy, they will understand my point of view better ... I changed completely because this weapon is luck or chance ... And with the nerf it will be the same. And then ... As there are some short-range or medium-range mechs ... Why not a long-distance battle mech? This would change some strategies.
  10. I flex the rank 1 arena box ...
  11. Hello ... As a player for over 5 years of Super Mechs, I would like to join this team ... I am willing to help.
  12. This nerf would be useless because it would take more damage than the supposed "nerf" ... And then I FAIOLA GAMES did a rework on this weapon: - 3 or unlimited uses - 31 heat cost and energy. - 217-322 damage - drain 20 - reach 7-10 It was the best to do ... We think the best ... We hope it can be good.
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