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Hmm, let see. I still like forum.


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Just now, Electrick010 said:

Thinking of creating a Discord account?


It would be interesting.

Nah, I won't. I like better forum.  I can read when look to the side at work and update my progress when I can or having something to say about it keeping record for future ideas and mind set changes on my game. I can see peoples grants show off  and personal progress and ideas and give them a like etc. 🙃

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  • Community Team

If you want to get to know the community better, chill and chat with SM people about anything, doesnt have to be just SM I think you should join the discord server. After all its you who choses when and how you spend your time, but since you seem to like the community it might be fun for you 😄


Elcent is the best.


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