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shall the super mech team increase the maximum level again ?



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I'm fond of the idea of adding infinite levels using an equation to know the exp necessary to level up and making most of the leveling up rewards procedurally generated, except for some marks like 100, 250, 500, and etc...

Off-beat heat mechs ™image.png Spitfire

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It is freaking annoying for a farmer like me who like to see the level moving up. Ridiculous. I have seen some others games doing the same stuck in the same idiotic max level. This is a game of progress and should not stop the level up.

It is frustrating for me making an account L250 in 8 months flat out farming 24x7 and since then watching same number every day. I play O.D FARM for 16 months and 8 months waiting since reached L250 and in OKI waiting for 10 months or so been older account than OD. FARM and make it in 9 months L250. 

What at waste. 😡🤬😤😠

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No, the level up it should increase the % after reached passing 50 levels. The % should not be lower than 2% in the next 50 levels then passing levels should reduce again step by step till reach  0.3% in the last 2-3 levels at 297-300 and reset again with a real goodie price because been at 300 level mean you should really really really get a real top item in need to choose not granted at your account.

I even think it should be selectable item as preference weapon in need to be granted every 50 levels starting at 300. To reach that level mean dedication to the game. The game owner should understand that if not then I will say they are naive or greedy.  

Now, I think that a bit of compensation should be granted to those waiting for too long. I think some item grants should compensate a bit. The owner should make happy sometimes the game players in some basic ways. Keep the game in the mind of the players with desire to progress not cutting their wings. I know this well by experience.  

I remember a person saying it reached L250 like 3-4 months before me maybe was the first L250 of the entire game and was old player then Besty created the archive thread for those reaching L250. I was one of the first 20's players reaching the level and I was only 9 months player. 🤦‍♂️

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