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Quest to find all badges


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For those members who were invested in the old forum, you know I 'collected' the forum badges. At one point before the forum's end I had the most single badges (meaning there were others with more badges than me, but they were duplicate badges.)

I've looked a little bit to see if there was a listing of badges and how to get them, just like on the old forum. But I could not find one. That's why I'm creating this topic; in order to achieve all badges hidden on this forum.


This is what I've found on my profile, seems to be the easiest 5 to achieve.


I've also seen a 'get 100 reactions' badge on rc's profile, plus a mystery 'Cult of the Party Parrot' on Alexander's. Anything else you guys have seen?

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Just now, AftoKrator said:

no, all the ranks are based on a point system

this is me right now


Yeah, I know I just wrote it weird, also it would be nice to have your reaction limit refreshed after gaining a new rank.

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1 hour ago, AftoKrator said:

all the ranks are based on a point system

speaking of points...

i concluded that: 

1 reaction = 1 point

1 post = 

  • if just words than the points is equal to the amount of words (this seems to be different if a lot of words are typed)
  • points granted may increase drastically if other attachments are involved
  • generally depends on length of post and how long it took making the post (my speculation)

tell me if i got any of these wrong since this was all from my examinations.      

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