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Need clan update

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4 minutes ago, YouMadBro said:

We need something new...


You are the leader of the clan.

Before u leave the clan, u need to choose a new clan leader

You talking to who?

What the point?

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1 hour ago, YouMadBro said:

I hate it when i leave my clan, it picks a random player to be a clan leader..

And i hate it when the new leader is inactive..

So before the clan leader leaves. It has to get a new clan leader

Tbh, that sound like a you problem.

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Stolen from @JamAnime

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No ... @YouMadBro is correct !

In all Clan games I know the leader can choose a new leader, if she/he want to quit or leave the Clan !

For a "choose a new leader" or "choose a co-leader" the players asked for years now !

Tacticsoft never solved this issue !

The only 2 ways to do a Clan leader change is either, all except the leader and the new leader leaves the clan (or the leader kicks them) and then the leader leaves as well, so the only remaining member become the leader, and after all members rejoin or you have to ask the game admins/developer to do a leader change for your Clan !

@Alexander is the "solution" still to ask a game admin (you) to do a leader chance ?
I mean, do you do it, if a Clan leader ask you for ?


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