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Coding a 1v1 fight simulator, and I'm seeking ideas, feedback, and potentially help.

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So I have been coding this project that can simulate a battle In super mechs. It's called SuperSim. It works by having you input, pretty much every stat of every thing on your mech. The current version v1 can only simulate 1v1's, For each battle, You decide your stats, and enemy stats, however it certainly is a slow process with around 400-500 number you must input between you and the opponent.

The current features:
-Chose your stats

-Chose enemy stats

-Chose starting arena conditions, such as start location, effect pads, effect pad type, and Which side has the starting turn.

-Have the mechs battle (you are responsible for all inputs in v1 of simulator)

Features to come:

-2v2 and 3v3 options

-Enemy ai (based on super mechs version) (ai will work for player as well)

-Smart enemy ai (based on the best ai I'm able to make) (ai will work for player as well)

-Perfect ai (every action from the bot will be the most perfect thing to do every time), Perfect ai will take a very long time to make, so don't count on it.

-Arena perk support

-Possible (but unlikely) support for legacy shields

-Possible visual ui, instead of current net core console.


Cons of SuperSim:

-V1 only runs on a net core console for c#, so accessibility is currently limited.

-You must input almost every stat for every part of a full mech, which includes, Overall stats, all side+top weapon stats,  legs, teleport, drone, charge, and hook.

-I'm a slow, unmotivated person so you can't expect updates to be made at light speed.

-I'm not experienced in getting past the phase of making things with code, sharing/making this playable to the average person without need for special things is beyond the scope of my knowledge.

Pros of SuperSim:

-In the future, SuperSim may become a playable game with visuals and buttons, rather than the text based input system it currently works on.

-SuperSim could end up being improved enough to basically be a separate super mechs 1v1 engine, with the same ui as supermechs, but with any weapons you want, and level, perk, ect. Kinda like a supermechs sandbox of sorts. (This will require a ton of data gathering and could take a lot of people and help to perfect)

-SuperSim will always be a free, ad-less thing to use (I don't see why it wouldn't be but I'll just clarify this in incase).

-With the custom mech editor, features can be added beyond what super mechs has, ex: you could bring back shields, healing drones, make stat changes and more.

-With the endless possibilities, if this goes far enough, there might even be possible support for fanmade stuff in the game to some extent.

-While This won't ever get to the point of running on a server (at least I think), there will be ways to fight other players in the future, with more simple strategies (that require player coordination)


So I certainly have big plans for SuperSim, but it will take a lot of time and work, especially for a lazy person like me, so if anyone is willing to help, with things like code, ideas, etc, I gladly welcome you with open arms.


Extra information:

-The game is coded in c#

-This will not be developed very fast, it might be but probably not.

-For questions or anything else you have to say, my discord is spikespike_sm#8770 (I probably won't see what you say if you comment it here)

-The primary point of SuperSim, is to run simulations of battles in supermechs under a much large range of conditions than supermechs provides you with, but will be capable of much more.

-There is already a very functional version of the project i'm proposing, called "SuperMech Simulator/Workshop". SuperMech Simulator/Workshop But why I am I coding SuperSim, if this already exists? Well, SuperSim will have a lot more features to it, and I mean alot (odviously I won't tell you the features cause i'm lazy and can't think of alot), so wish me luck.




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8 hours ago, Soviet Union mech said:


Critical dmg can be mean is the CRAZY HIGH DMG of a weapon( exp bunker shell does 600-700 dmg)

Only with -100 to -200 res on your opponent.


5 hours ago, Dark conon mech said:



With arena buffs it only does up to 587 dmg.


PURPLE  Bring Back The Confetti! "Like and follow it'll give me a better reputation" - Spam


Stolen from @JamAnime

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