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  1. 1) buying packs instead of saving for offers. 2) not using power kits when upgrading 3) flooding l-ms 4) clan wars 5) ads
  2. its fun to think people dont know the alliance between INMAX and rf/rr lmao
  3. well you get like 40 more physical res with mpv and lpv so they are way better. Nightmare is still good but the two vest are on a whole another level
  4. i like this but move night mare to s. compared to mpv and lpv nightmare is not that good
  5. how did Octavious came to be. Was he made by humans or did something else make him. I would love to see what you come up with for how he came into existence
  6. for 3v3 running the same element mechs work the best. i run two heat mechs and one physical mech. sometimes im able to use the res drainer on my first mech on my enemy's second mech adding so much value to the match. so i recommend running 3 mechs of the same type. PS. dont use 2 boilers they wont work unless you have a red rain on it. im pretty sure he's talking about top ranks 3v3 so running the same type is better
  7. they have slowed down on base disablement and they are also working on more important things right now so it may take some time for base to be disabled
  8. farm overload's den 1v1 Boss level on insane
  9. sorry @Vermillyonfor some reason the desert one has an error i cant fix it for some reason
  10. Congrats i remember barely getting rank in reloaded and watching near everyone in top ranks. those were the good days. but im glad your able to find a new home without any problems. Have fun in reign :)
  11. i like this idea i might make something similar and add feature. well... only if i get the time for it xD
  12. sorry for the late reply @Atusiff and @Vermillyon. I barely use forums :p, gonna start using it more from now on.
  13. Thank you now my rank 32 account can beat this portal
  14. Thanks @Nefertary Meriten-Mut this portal fits me perfectly I can beat insane with over 2600 hp. your the best If you think I’m joking I’m not lol
  15. powerkits dont need the time reduced i think the time to craft leggies needs to be reduced
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