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  1. As most of you know we wlgang have gotten our first medal not too long ago, we worked so hard so we can give BossParody a medal before he leave. After he left i stepped forward and became the new leader of wlgang until he returns. the wlgang family wants him to come back to a surprise, the surprise being more medals. so we are asking you, yes you to join wlgang. We are looking for active players to join wlgang. We need people who are able to get rank 1 in 1v1 and rank 2-3 in 2v2 and 3v3. If your interested in joining then dm me on discord firewater789#8205 or just join the clan. If the main cl
  2. 2 relics to upgrade is a bit low, it only takes 8 common relics for a legendary one. i think you should change it to 4 then you need 64 common relics for one legendary relic
  3. one day it might get buffed like swoop and be a top drone just you wait
  4. I love all of these ideas, i hope they get added to the game
  5. i think i went a little over with the stats but i want it to have unlimited uses so cutting down the damage or even adding backfire could be fine with me.
  6. It’s pretty much a hysteria but less damage for 2 knockback
  7. This item was heavily inspired by a legacy item that did 2 knock back. Stats of the item: weight: 42kg electric damage: 150-300 energy damage: 120 regen damage: 18 knockback: 2 range: 4-8 heat cost: 0 en cost: 31 (these stats are with arena buff, they could change after posting this) This item should only come in en version since en needs help at this time. This item is to mainly counter the heat hugger meta, i made a mech with the item below (replace vandal with the item) this item will help to keep your enemy at a far distance and still be ab
  8. creativity: faiola, tacocat Entertainment: stefan, Ace Helpfulness: jiyoon editing: Atusiff
  9. Do you have a knock back drone like shockwave or flame wave?
  10. gato has been working hard, they are looking for more people to hire as they dont have enough rn. Alex has said he's working on a way for people to disable base on their own. Gato is fixing the mistakes that TS left behind. you might not notice much going on but Alex is helping people move from kong to sm. So to be fair gato has done a lot. Banning players (TS left behind), fixing bugs like raid and multi tabbing which they are still working on(TS left behind), Moving players from kong to SM, making a new forum, making a new discord server, making better events like the 250 tokens one, and i e
  11. it wont be a good idea, in legacy drones were not that important but now drones are everything. So if this was added it will be too broken and not used at all.
  12. Maybe making it weaker and making it e-m cause this will make the game more p2w
  13. I’m a boiler user they are fun to use but this item will not work. Heat vandal works because the heat can go over the cap well energy you can’t. The only way this can work is the combined mods getting nerfed or this weapons having really good stats
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