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Naga or Grimreaper?



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3 hours ago, Identical said:

I have my grimreaper max legendary and a epic naga.

Is it worth to upgrade now?

I want a good energy mech and cant decide what torso.

naga because it has higher hp but if you can build a high hp mech, choose grim reaper for better energy cap and regen

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Naga is better if you want to make it to at least rank 9 :)

Grim Reaper really isn't good, upgrade all heat mods to max legendary.

Naga v Grim Reaper: 6 KG difference, Reaper is lighter. About 300 HP difference, Naga has 1,200. 90 Energy advantage to Reaper, only a 9 regen advantage to Reaper. Naga wins in cooling  though. Oh, and Naga wins in resistance.

Choice to me is Naga.

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I'm the real Turtle, simple as that.

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8 minutes ago, Turtle said:

You'll probably have to drop the hammer eventually.

I'm making something like this: 


I know there isn't a Naga or GrimReaper, but you can use Naga.

Here you go: 


yeah this is the build i was thinking of;image.thumb.png.54800d9868cb5265febb7c0e9a11465b.png

One Mech to rule them all

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