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  1. https://gyazo.com/0e746a9b4e1804d7c7a2aff2884ce665 (hover over the link or click it to see the screen shot)
  2. hey sorry for asking but how do you get the pumpkin head? is it a event?
  3. yeah i actually also think it should be changed by half the speed for example lets say 1 rare cost 2 hours now it costs 1 hour (just a example
  4. Refresh SuperMechs Or log in again?
  5. I think so aswell. I dont spend so much money to upgrade the Naga.
  6. Thanks. Ill think about it.
  7. I have my grimreaper max legendary and a epic naga. Is it worth to upgrade now? I want a good energy mech and cant decide what torso.
  8. Im sorry to hear that! Maybe ask one of the mods to message your gmail so it gives you your old password?
  9. why did you max legendary your charge engine????????
  10. http://supermechs.com/ go here and press download for windows
  11. ok but like the mods would need more info to help you
  12. use base to gain cards and farm big boy mission for money to upgrade stuff goodluck!
  13. Uh here are the stats 1 sec 1st mech https://gyazo.com/a7ebd0e8efca1fdde31bdf51bf81fdd6 2nd mech https://gyazo.com/f89ce85d0dd1fa2b491e9c2a47390b3a 3rd mech https://gyazo.com/8e36a07e4f2f99a1fb4fae5b8ea2ddbf (click on the links or hover over them)
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