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  1. he was like rank 20 of course there wasnt a challenge
  2. roads untraveled is my favorite song from this album
  3. no one will know about the updates updating the game wont get any new players
  4. ty you still have the same pfp from ur insta lol
  5. ok a long time ago a youtuber named ssundee played supermechs he has over 18 million subscribers which is the most any sm youtuber has had, if we all raid the comments on his newest videos hopefully he will see them we just need to tell him to play supermechs if it gets enough likes, he will play it again and we could gain up to 1 million players i also have a big group of friends who are starting to join the game, and i pitched the idea to alex so we will see how this works out but everytime ssundee drops a new video everyone ask him to play supermechs
  6. dedication is one of those i dont have anymore to this game
  7. level 250? nice, back in legacy you could only go up to level 50 tho lol i dont even know what level i am i think its like 170 something
  8. what are you flexing? also who you calling loser?'
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