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Always make sure to link real emails to your account. If you linked a fake one and remember it, try to register the fake email so it becomes real. 


Without a real email very little can be done. 


Have you tried to log in via facebook? It could be Facebook overwrote your username or such, but if you linked it to FB, you should be able to pick it as a login method now.

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11 minutes ago, Frank. said:

this is my account please help me 😞
Hi, could you help me get my account back? I changed the data using facebook but it tells me wrong data but I don't know what happened

Go to this forum.  https://forum.supermechs.com/forum/ucp.php

If you have it linked with your email, then you should be able to recover it.


There is also a possibility that your acct password can be your FB password.


Advice, don't link your acct to FB. That is a bad thing to do.

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49 minutes ago, Tigergeezer said:

I now have the same problem.  It tells me my username/password are incorrect - but they are the same ones I logged in with this morning.  It won't recognise my username on the "forgot password" page.  Basically I'm locked out and no idea how to get back.


It is the same thing that happened to me only that I had changed the data and I wrote it down but something went wrong


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