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hey guys, its chief. i know that many of you copilot an account, and i have an idea or an easier method of communication, with that other pilot. Sticky Notes! sticky notes cost 2000 gold and you can write up to 50 words on it. when the other user pops up, that sticky note will be visible, and for them to reply, its 1000 gold.


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What is the purpose of this to be honest?


When you have a copilot I hope you'r in contact with them.
Would be weird to just say ur pw and username to some random in DM on the arena chat and never have contact with that player anymore

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well, i cannot contact the specific person, but so far that have maxed and divined an item for me, and gotten my tonto to level 26 myth, whereas i would be completely unable to do it myself. i just want a way to contact him, and the only way i can is by naming my empty teams specific instructions.... i also cannot get discord @GeometricalTaco


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