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  1. Hi Guys! Remember me? Well I spent around 7 hours going through the entire wiki, making a list of all the items that are missing on the wiki, and putting said items into a google doc. Now, by the amount of time it took me, you can probably guess that there are a LOT of items missing, and you would be right about that lol. EVERY ITEM has at least one lot of stats missing. Obviously I can't get all of these by myself, but I do have a bunch of people helping out. But its only a small bunch, and they don't have all the items. SO, It would be absolutely amazing if people in the community could share stats in this list that are missing. A screenshot of the item tab in the workshop is all thats needed! Link for the google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zC8oDXlSdD_QKEoqBqYuwUz9Q296QEHgY5U2TKg0R4A/edit?usp=sharing Thank you all again for any donations(?) of stats to help me and the wiki team out!
  2. Yeah I'm starting to see that now apologies for any harm caused. I don't know about the bug because I had a very long break from sm, left during the claw event, returned during damaged armour annihilator. Very sorry
  3. If you couldn't change the password, they have pretty much changed all the details. You won't be getting the account back unless some miracle happens. The only thing you can do is make a new account and dont share details in the future
  4. Jesus christ. The fact that you are rank 8 and don't even know what RANGE IS disturbs me. It's not because of backfire, it's because you are too close (Sorry guys, I was in a very bad mood and it seems my eyes have failed me. It is certainly a very weird bug and I hope it is fixed)
  5. Why cant you download it? Real shame you're being forced to quit like this
  6. i cant thank you enough dude, so much contribution
  7. I don't have frantic. That is the only thing that could be happening. According to workshop unlimited: A divine frantic brute without arena buffs does 205-515 damage, but a divine frantic brute WITH full arena buffs does 246-618 damage
  8. They will probably have higher arena buffs than you
  9. Thanks a lot! this is very helpful, these should be added soon enough, the guides were very outdated, so it needed some newer points
  10. I appreciate the capitalisation corrections, but we are using english english as a language, so some of the spellings where fine, but many thanks nonetheless, i hadnt noticed a lot of the mistakes!
  11. As the title says, I re-wrote another awful page! What do you think about it? Is there anything that I've missed or that needs changing? Link: https://super-mechs.fandom.com/wiki/Tactics_and_General_Info
  12. Was there only the option to add power kits or was every item a power kit?
  13. It is different in the programming world though. You physically have no way of knowing about issues until they show themselves. That's why there are delays for games and programs due to bugs and big problems nobody knew would appear. Delays are almost always an inevitability, and seeing as there wasn't a date SuperNova promised, you can't say they have failed their job. At least they are actually trying to complete their task. They haven't just given up and are instead trying to fix the big problems that have appeared.
  14. He crops his recordings so that it only shows him getting the item he is showcasing in his video, otherwise the videos would be very long and boring. There isn't a currently known method of manipulating RNG in SM, so just keep opening fortunes and you will get something soon enough
  15. There isn't any blame to go around. There are unforeseen circumstances affecting what can happen and what can't. If there where no issues that no-one knew would happen, it would all be working smoothly. But there are issues, so it isn't. You can't blame someone for not being able to see the future can you?
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