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  1. looks good, would love to see where this goes
  2. grim reaper - good regeneration and defenses windigo - basically the best torso that isn't an L-M
  3. sacrifice cannon exists what would the drawback to using them be? unless is has very high self-damage, it would probably be over-powered even then people would just stack lots of hp on their mechs, which would even further exaggerate the hp meta
  4. Counter-Argument: The heavy weight and large commitment to some powerful modules is what's fun about them. A literal half-plate wouldn't make much logistical sense, because that to me seems like it would just leave half of your mech vulnerable? Yes, it would be useful, but it would trivialize the whole point of carefully choosing which parts you can afford to choose and which you can't, which is my personal favorite part of the game. This could potentially lead to a slippery slope of streamlined modules. Alternatively: you could add a module that adds less armor for less weight, but have that ratio not be as good as a straight up halved set of stats. Personally, I'm not a fan of this option either, but I prefer it over the other. No hard feelings.
  5. thanks for the shoutout! I feel a good roll should always be hailed, even the opponent's!
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