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Energy Free Selfish Protector


Selfish Protector  

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  1. 1. Energy Free or keep it the same

    • Energy Free with higher Backfire
    • Fine how it is

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I propose that SM makes this drone energy free. Why? Well for one there are no energy free physical drones. Reason number two The backfire on the Selfish Protector is too high for it to not have something that makes it stand out. Reason number three SM is starting to make an insane amount of weapons that require backfire so if they made the Selfish Protector energy free and raised the backfire just a little bit more i'm sure that no one would complain about the backfire anymore. Anyways this is just my opinion i'm sure people will disagree.

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Strangely, I always see people asking for energy-free drones. In the years I’ve been reading the forum, I never saw Tacticsoft submit to those ideas.

As it is, energy mechs are always bombarded by more and more energy-free weapons. Adding a physical energy-free drone, would destroy energy mechs.

It’d be an icing on the cake before blowing the last wish on energy mechs. 🎂

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Selfish Protector has 16 energy cost and heat generation for 86 backfire, which is extremely generous considering how it shares the cost of the DustMaker and the damage of the Tonto with an added damage bonus.

Making it energy-free would mean that Selfish Guardian would have to be energy-free, too, which would kill every element including physical because of how broken the Selfishes would have become.

In other words...

Do not.

If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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18 hours ago, firewater789 said:

Looking at the meta right now physical Mechs are taking over and if we add en free physical drone it’s going to be broken. 

Amen.  Honestly I don't think any weapon should be energy free whatsoever because of my years working on the avionics systems of military fighter aircraft.  Even dropping a bomb takes energy: electrically-actuated explosive charges punch the bomb off the wing pylon.

But then I wouldn't be able to play energy free with my EFA torso........ 😕


"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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