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  1. Yes we all need a lot to tokens Greetings, thanks for commenting
  2. Hello, since last night I tried to post as I have done for years, on the topic of a colleague a couple of times a week... This time it was impossible for me, and now my attempts at publication are all together. The system FAILED, and has turned my post into spam copies. I await correction, thank you. @Atusiff
  3. Unfortunately the system forced to convert everything, or they would convert themselves automatically alone It took months of starting to improve everything from scratch, playing on the map and avoiding the sand. I made that tutorial to help my followers, nobody understood anything back then
  4. Friend, you still don't understand. These items are no longer available, their weight is almost ZERO, and they make any new item work. They do not interfere directly, but indirectly, enhancing constructions
  5. Equality, that everyone or no one uses it.
  6. A clear example is the teleporter, the old one barely weighs 1kg. That is not advantage in a construction? Yes of course The normal minimum weigh 11kg ... And the repulsors that push at least 5 places, weigh little, if combined with top rifle's... Uff, they do not give any opportunity to those of rank 3 and below, it is totally unfair... Not to mention if they also use the Shockwave or FlameWave drone. I could go on giving examples, but it is never ending. Only its use in sand or raid is canceled, nothing more. And if they launch again, that the old ones have the weight that corresponds, not featherweight. Thanks you
  7. They do not need to eliminate them, just ban them in the arena and raid, so that no one has advantages. So there are equal possibilities for everyone in general...
  8. Hello everyone, it had been commented from TacticSoft that old elements would be removed from the arena, in the end it did not happen. Now GatoGames does nothing, why? repulsion elements In the big 2017 update ALMOST everyone we turned our old items into Power Kits, but then other players with revived old accounts appeared and used them, a dirty move because of the difference in weight of the items... I leave the space open for your comments, and I hope that something will be done about it so that the use of old items that only a few players have is canceled. Thanks for stopping by, greetings. Sincerely: alex2040br
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