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  1. Very well said Dok, now I fought her about 4 or 5 times and she almost defeated me ... That means she is very strong ... Good advance... UwU
  2. Me saliste mago... Me saliste mago ... Mistakes make you stronger ... Me after leaving a men to 1 life and losing my star to rank 1 ...
  3. Hello how are you. Today I come to post my achievements in the game. In my main and secondary account I have been able to defeat several of my idols and for that I feel happy. :DD. :DD I also come to post my progress in the game. I have uploaded the Platinung silver to the mythical now I have 2. :DD. And finally on my secondary account, I made the solar torch mythical. :DD.
  4. Hello boys and girls, in this topic I will publish all my advances from now on, before I could not do it because I did not know how to use the forum, my old advances will be registered in the Discord servers. I'm 40985204, nice to meet you. Well, I keep introducing myself. I am a veteran player, I am currently at CANDELA INC. It is a very good clan that welcomed me 4-6 months ago. He got to the 3-2 range very easily in all modes. Well that's it until next time. : D
  5. Leave her as she said is just beginning ...Sailors nice to meet I'm 409.
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