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Are top ranks ok?


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So I hop on for my daily grind...

First I meet someone we'll call BFTE. This person is obsessed with me so I always disable chat as soon as I see them. This time I forgot to disable chat for the first time in 2 months and sure enough, endless messages. Its crazy that someone can't take a hint after so long.

Next I meet someone we'll call F who is upset about me using their build as a profile pic on discord. I let F know I don't have discord and they start trash talking someone called Alex? As they're about to lose, F says they'll boot me so they don't lose to my trash mech and BAM, disconnected.

So yea, what happened on discord that sent everyone into a rage? I want the tea!

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Alex it is the CEO of GATO Game. 

Always will be people like that. The game chat, forum or discord. 🥴 This is the reason why my kids do not join clans, do not like to use game chats, do not use forum or discord. They do not even have friends in the game. 🤐 They play this game dating back of my early days when I started O.D.FARM and I had some others accounts under development. 

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17 hours ago, real said:

bro is an "experienced pilot" and a top rank but doesnt know alexander, lmao, weirdd

I've been playing almost 3 years but have never seen him in arena. Been on forums a bit over a year too and have never seen him post. I'm not on discord so if he's there I wouldn't know. Guess some people just be ninjas.

Thanks, Alex! Talented and quiet is a rare combination these days. We appreciate your work.

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Well, Alex used to be in the forum when this new forum was stablished closing the previous. Discord was not in function, so he was active here. Then Discord was activated, and he needed to work on set ups etc. and then decided to stay there and he does or used to be there often. 

He has been delegating some post to the administrators around. Many of them or maybe all of them, date back from his time so they know each other at least the majority. 

He still Alex there. 

He does prefer discord and they promote to join discord all members from the forum or all players if possible. 

I just like forum and can read post when I can. The old players hate the new forum because have more difficulty to navigate. Some have issues with their phones ways so complain about it. 

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Yes. Farming store is always open. I try to get the freebies. I don't play but at least I am back to 60% of my original farming style. It has been few times I went into the 100% maxing gold collection but are just flukes not having time for it. Something it is something. 😁When I connect at home, I actually took rest from work then I make few comments and in mean time I am farming at that moment. 

I will push to 400 million on both accounts then switch to max out remaining MYTH parts not fully maxed then will divine some EPIC parts staying at 400 for some time. Getting closer. 



O.D. 👍










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