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6 hours ago, noㅤ said:

Congrats! What will you do with it?

Thank you.

I am collecting gold in reality as part of my fun when I can do something in the game.

I do not have real plan with the use of the gold at this point but someday I will use the gold for the BASE factory for EPIC/Legend option and push up gold back to 100million easy to do but I doubt I will push more up and will stay making parts.

I did this just for the fun to reach the gold number. You know, having fun in the game as I feel in the moment. It is just a game to play and have fun not to get stressed out instead to relax thing I do. 

I will stay in the 400 bouncing up and down in the 390's and 400+ leveling up parts to finish the few remaining MYTH parts not yet at L50.I will finish them for the fun to have all fully maxed even some parts do not require to do it and should be better to eat them, but I will max them. 

After I finish to max the parts guessing by the end of the year or before depending on how much I can farm, I will then divine some epic parts around and that cost a lot of gold and of course I have to farm a lot for it to no drop on gold current reserves.

My intention in this game have never change. When I started with my niece and her nephew a current old early game player till now, it was just to make parts never intended to rank up. I wanted to have parts and test them and see what they do in my account. I have never changed in the purpose how I play the game. Just my own personal fun. 

It just I can't play now due to work. Well, it was similar been just a basic 5-win player not having much time to play. Now is even less and I am fully out of pvp just farming. 

My kids are inconsistent on play and sometimes play and sometimes nothing in a season. It is hard to join a clan because they have no agree to do basics and they have been normally solo players and prefer that way like me. I play without attachments, and I hate drama to play my relax time. My kids joined before other clans, but they had bad experiences with the clans been such.... players and then remained solo getting their R1 status with their accounts. 

They played OKI and O.D with top clans and had no issues with them or doing their basics till last year I was out of communication on a long vacation, and we did not play the accounts. In my way back I had job changes by boss and the little time to time play time went gone and retired.

My kids so far said to me nothing into really will join a clan and do at least 5 wins or so with maybe titan or a particular rank. I do what only I can do alone right now, and it is farming because the way it is in my personal life. 

I gave my accounts to my kids, but I am the one who farm and level up. My daughter owns OKI DOKI, and my son owns O.D.FARM. They play both accounts and switch time to time if wants. They do not care that much and play other games. 

So, if people see the accounts in the arena, is not me but them and recently their cousin learning who stayed at home this summer and started to play the game and use the accounts time to time to learn in meantime develop their new accounts. 



6 hours ago, MaveRick said:

Trick for fast money 💰 💰 💰 

Premium account …

The old trick. A bit annoying in the arena when too many did at the same time. 😶

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1 hour ago, Electrick010 said:

I congratulate you on the tremendous achievement 🥳🥖

Thank you, bro., It has been an up and down trying to do what I can with limited time with so much work in life. I need to thank my kids that time to time play some for me because I do not play but yeah, tuff thing to max parts and increase gold at the same time farming. Also, to my niece who started with me this account and was the solo OKI in the early stages. She used to live with me in her first 2 years of university as we planned. Maybe you remember her Meggy. She just graduated from her Bachelor and now starting her Master in a great university. Very smart young woman. 

56 minutes ago, WarrMachine said:

#1 farmer in the game and it's not even close. Congrats OKI well done!

HA-HA. I am sure I am not the #1 but I can tell I am one of the top real farmers and the fastest reaching L1-L250 account level. According to OKI DOKI post of his day reaching 300 million that was in 5/24/23, it took me 4 months and a week to get 100 million. Sure, I was making parts but reduced the amount of them to push faster and I was not in the optimal gold collection as I used to do it maxing all opportunities plus daily pvp. This time I lose a lot of gold without daily play and missing a lot of farming but good enough to say it was a good job to get it. 

You are as well one hell of farmer as others I know like Besty and Silver Shadow. Silver does amazing work with his 2 accounts and his fortune boxes collection etc. 

Will be very interesting to know the player with more MYTH parts L50 excluding Clever craziness. I remember when I was a rookie there were players with 250 plus myth parts commenting about it and I guess they can be easy in the 450 now. Just with my basic math of regular constant farming, I can tell that a player forming enough it can make every year around 60 MYTH parts from EPIC level in the freeway, but it is hard work to be consistent. 

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My O.D.FARM account is also getting close. 🤡 I think in about 2-3 weeks will be there. 

2 minutes ago, Enemy said:

good job ig 😕

Thank you. It is not easy to do but just for the fun relaxing time. 👍 Back at the end of 2020, I decided to reduce my speed making parts and start to increase my gold reserves. I was playing always with 500,000-1.5million and I was tired to see that number and pushed to increase the number like a ladder step by step. Increasing by 10 million normally and staying at that number for a while then move up another 10 million and do the same with constant balance using mix parts accumulated and using the BASE for power kits. 

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