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Hello pilots. This club is a place where we will try to provide each other pointers and advices for mech building. πŸ‘
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  2. Woooow, cool build) just delete your sword and use 2 grim cobras Don't be afraid to use Claw, If you have one)
  3. I have some legendaries, lemme pull it up All this plus Terrorblade and Rolling beasts
  4. Just check here from our friend SawzALL http://www.puresimplicity.net/~oneeyedcat/misc/supermechs.html But you know how to make builds. You are older than me playing. I can try in a few days. busy right now. Pure Epics or do you have some current inventory?
  5. Is there a semi-decent phys build that doesn’t use too many L-Ms?
  6. I would say to replace your Nightfall with a Magma Recoiler, or any recoiler, as soon as possible. Remove your Falcon and replace it with something else. Add another Dawnblaze or add a Corrupt Light, because I don't know how effective your mech will be after you've used up all your uses with your Desolation. These are all in my opinion, of course. That's all!
  7. resistance is still a bit low but cooling/regen stats are way up
  8. The original post's photo was sideways, so I've decided if I had to turn my head sideways to see what stats your mech had, you have to tilt it as well to see my suggestion
  9. The HP is very low. 2,342... Also Lightning Scope is just for fun. Full weapon slots looked pretty cool to me, but ok Thanks for your suggestion I actually wanted to try new stuff instead of the classic Bear Huggers, Dual Bunkers, etc. I want to create something unique, that isn't generic. Face Shocker has limited turns, that's why I didn't use it. Also, is this supposed to be a damage type or a drainer???
  10. Good one but use cockpit piercer and the claw together is just dont support each other and can get counter easily by energy mechs
  11. A friendly reminder that the general WU rule is to always build within your means. It’s of no practical use if you make mechs with all top-tier items that you don’t have in the first place (but of course that doesn’t stop you from just messing around).
  12. Bro you really wanna put party crasher and lightning scope together ? its the worst thing i ever see in my life This is much better
  13. I think you need change 1 of the ceu to qcb because 290 regen and 252 cooling is bad except you is in rank 10
  14. I'm already using individual modules for each resistance type. Thanks for the suggestion. Also why is the text sideways?

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