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Hello pilots. This club is a place where we will try to provide each other pointers and advices for mech building. 👍
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  2. i think that heat and energy resist is a bit low, the same to regen
  3. Im currently using this build in 1vs1,2vs2 weeks. I would appreciate any ideas of improvement.
  4. It doesn't provide enough to be useful in the arena on monkey torsos. I've tested this one extensively. You need at least about 70 resistance in every category before it gets to a useful point, if you trade resistance for HP. That's why monkey torsos dominate low and mid ranks: most low and mid rank players don't have defense matrix or 3 x fortresses. And that post was like from 2020. I'm now a rank 2 player. Those who have 3 x monkey torsos in low/mid ranks should just max them and hold on to them, don't bother with resistance yet unless you get some good ones. For a mech with a MPV/LPV vest to make it into top ranks, they'll usually need at least a defense matrix, or a max protector + a platinum. That's why monkey torsos work so well in mid ranks. If you have no resistance, go to the max with your HP. But you still see monkey torsos in top ranks on good builds, so .... For low/mid rank players, Nightmare also isn't so good. It's light weight, but low/mid rank players don't usually have tons of combined modules, fortresses and platinums to make Nightmare a pay-off. It's always useful in RAID, however.
  5. Bruh, he meant move the weapon to the slot below it
  6. Please give me advice on what to add, what to remove from this assembly so that it remains balanced and has a sufficient number of health points?
  7. The 1st mech needs more energy. 230 + 230 = 460. 460 + 115 = 575.
  8. In my opinion they look fine but I’m not a pro so don’t ask me
  9. 1. PVP Solo and 2vs2 ; PVE all 2. PVP - Solo not enough Damage, but 2vs2 , 3vs3 ; PVE all ... Questions?
  10. Resistance is one of the main parts of the mech. You don't have it. Oh, by the way, replace Hollow Spectral Armor with a thermal or energy version. Check them out, they're better.

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