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Hello pilots. This club is a place where we will try to provide each other pointers and advices for mech building. 👍
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  2. The answer is both. There are different types of mechs. I will not mention all of them but basic: 1- Attack to resistance 2- Attack to HP caps Those have subdivisions and some of them are. 1- Overheating 2- Draining 3- Explosive For example This one does have few categories. 1- It is a drainer over heater. It is use based to overheat the opponent. The differences are the use of what type of weapons can help to make the condition faster and keep the opponent close to you. We call this a heat hugger. 2- The top weapon does not affect directly to the resistance but damage to the heat cap and to the HP is high. The parts it is excellent to help overheat and to keep close your opponent. 3- To help the effect of overheat, it uses a side weapon to damage the heat cap available and will reduce it permanently per attack. 4- Use a side weapon that will help reduce the resistance and that resistance damage is combined with 1-2 heat drainers and the drone that also help to damage resistance. Why resistance drain it is important? Simple, if does not have the attack to do so, it is like hit a wall with your hands so other attacks can work the magic. So, sometimes I call this a resistance over heater hugger. Just me . The others will call heat hugger as standard name. This other it is a jumper based to damage resistance in order can penetrate and start to damage HP. It is hard to destroy this one in the physical way. A bit weaker in energy attack and middle of the ground vs heat mechs different types but it is a good one to use against the first mech if know how to use it. 1- The 3 side weapons are based on resistance drain in order can start to damage HP faster. To make the attack even more effective, the drone and jumper weapons also helps to damage drain. It is an overall resistance drainer sniper. When you build a mech, you are looking normally to maximize a particular effect on damage. Sure, every mech does have a counter mech meaning there is not a perfect mech because all of them can be destroy. Those are basics mechs that can give a bit of ideas. Now, not all mechs will be set in that way as the super Dupper beast mech to annihilate everyone. Some mechs are designed to work on pair or for a triple attack. In the 2 mechs illustrated, a player with luck can make 3 of those. Sure, those 2 types of mechs that you might like to have all the parts for 3 of them but is hard to get for the majorities. So, some people build mechs to complement the others in ways that can provide that help. The order of mechs set ups are important when go to do pvp. For example, this mech below, as solo mech it is easy to be bitten if do not know how to use it. Sure, in the hands of Warrmachine is lethal just for saying. Now, as you can see, use different elements making this mech a mix mechs sniper. It is functional, yes does work but the right function per season. It is not good for 1V1 but can be use on 2v2 and 3v3 according to how you will support the other mech. I used and bitten top players for fun. It is grate mech, nope, but the support can be great if know the reason why was built in first place to complement the other mech. When you build a first mech, you put the best assets there that can be combined in a way that will be functional for the type of attack you would like to have maximizing that effect like in the first 2 top mechs above. Another example is this test mech. It does works? Sure, for low ranks maybe till R5 but it is a mech based for R7-R6. I use this one in a cripple way for test on purpose to see damage, match maker and few others. Can help a player to rank up having just limited parts? Yes, it does. All parts are available farming and can be fun to use and I won against top players R1 mechs many times in the pass and my kids I saw many fights against R1 mechs winning against them. Now, for some top players, will be easy to kill like a fly. The things for this one, was based more for explosive damage and chicken out covering almost all ranges. In the end, all elements do have similar effects and we combine weapons to maximize the effect as combo attack reason top players always will tell you that you need to build an element mech in full and how much damage can create based on stats. Build with logic. Observe properly the weapon functionality with the item description below as example. It weights ok at 37 but heat damage cap is low but can help overheat some. It works when the opponents it is away from you one step to 3 meaning if the mech is faced to face it won't work but if is too far it won't work. It jumps back one space but require having energy to function and will create heat on your mech using the item plus it will eat the HP per attack. That information it is crucial to understand because it is the way to control your loss of Hp using the weapon, or how fast will overheat your mech etc. I hope I answered your question.
  3. As it says on the title. Do we base our build in stats or weapon combination. If it's stats then what are we looking for? ex 78-110 dmg(bad), 134-210 dmg(good) something like this?
  4. No, I do not have an ideal build. I am retired but never had one particular build as preference because I play for fun with weird combinations just playing for fun no ranks. Now, your mech can be ok with just a basalt for now. Also, the builds are according of inventory availability, and we do what we can with it. Maybe the inventory has other type of mech that can help better. That type of mech is old style used a lot by the time I started to play. Then changes forced to change to others new ways but still a good mech. If you need something in particular, you need to show your full inventory so the other players can help out with some ideas then you will decide what is best for you with the learning.
  5. Do you have something like an Ideal Build? I only have 1 Frature Basalt Annihilator
  6. excellent. I saw this yesterday. I can see you have other parts I was unable to see there in the inventory and maxed.
  7. 15 days later I managed to make 2 builds. I managed to get mercy and distance shredder and with that I put together both heat and physical builds
  8. 1- First, do not use that torso. The reason it is base in the property of the torsos. The properties are based in the grant of better attributes against the current type. For example, in this case the shields are a big effect. 2- The game is based more in shields use specially the recent last 3 years. Sure, always was a bit like that but with the new shiels and a buff to few parts around, it is very important phys resist to be at max. It is better for you to not use that torso at all and use the heat or energy version according to your modules available. 3- In this case people use more heat but can be energy to enhance energy cap been a phys mech. Just preferences depending on modules availability. The problem that you face right now is the lack of a decent phys shield creating a big limitation for the defence. In this case you can still improve a bit. You can use this but that does not mean it is the right thing to use but can help a bit. It will still have limitations to stay in mid rank R10-R8 but that area is full of smurf's powerful mechs belong to higher grounds. It is not great but will improve a bit as it is and what I can see. Sure, at lower ranks energy mechs are around in bunch so can suffer often against them. For heat mechs, can be average not a super duper-trooper but can manage a bit. For phys encounters will be base more in luck and smart play. The shiels won't be the best but can play around at higher spot. You can modify a lot. Focus on your primary. What you utilize best options for the mech, then remaining resources can be used for a second mech and can then figure out what can be best altering your primary to have average fights or else. This can be an option or "no modules changes" or "no modules changed. or dual tele " no modules changed or Namy options around. you can use any you preffer as ideas come. Do not limit to this. Remeber, you need to use parts for a second mech but can be modified. like .hope this help a bit for a primary. You can make others primary with what you have around.
  9. It is not that the mech is super bad. It is very decent depending on how long you play, and parts granted. If the picture it is currently representing the actual mech you possess, it is about to get the parts to complete a bit the mech. 1- The energy cap it is good because you utilize only the Swoop drone that consume some energy. If you have an encounter with an energy mech decently developed, it will be maybe hard to recover to make an attack with the drone crippling your mech, but it won't be the case for heat/phys encounters in the sense losing energy. 2- The heat cap it is not a super bad but been a heat mech your cooling is too low reason you will overheat fast using your own weapons plus the heat attacker. 3- The shields are low according to the numbers I can see but if you have the shields as is showed, it will be fine. Now, if you are using the epic versions at L30 maybe will hold a bit but will be limited to push higher including maybe that you are using a platinum EPIC L30 looking at the numbers in the HP. 4- Below I tried to imitate a developed mech in your current set up. It is showing 971 due to I do not have your combine ener/heat module and using a premium that weight 5 less but your will be 981 as showing. Mech maxed will give around 248 in cooling witch still low. 5- For that type of mech, you need to maximize the possibility to create more physical damage. It is not a mech to overheat the opponent. It is about to break shields and punish in that way. The Swoop Drone, it is a good drone but overheat in some what the opponent and also help to break the shields. Sadly, the damage is low and for some mechs it does create limitations on attack. It will be more proper to use maybe firefly or maybe depending how like to play this one Those two can help better. Just personal preference. Sure, it will affect your mech weight use. The Swoop is 22 and fire/spear are 50 and, in this case, you need to arrange drain use. The weight will be 1002 in your case. In order the players can help you out, you need to show your arsenal and they maybe will help you set up with what you have. If you want a better simple version for higher set up, maybe can be like this even can be different as dual teleporter, more HP, etc. Different options as preference go and how will work their set in a 2v2 and or 3v3 set combinations. So, again, just show your current full inventory and maybe they will help.
  10. I need advice on what to change and what to add to make it better my stuff
  11. I need advice on what to change and what to add to make it better my stuff
  12. there is no 6 legendries relics request having a max of 5. also, if you want opinion, show the weapon in question and the forum can help.
  13. Hey guys, I'm Brazilian but I know how to speak English and I need help with a small problem. I have a piece that costs 6 legendary tokens to make it divine so the punch doesn't improve, do I improve? Or not
  14. Woooow, cool build) just delete your sword and use 2 grim cobras Don't be afraid to use Claw, If you have one)
  15. I have some legendaries, lemme pull it up All this plus Terrorblade and Rolling beasts
  16. Just check here from our friend SawzALL http://www.puresimplicity.net/~oneeyedcat/misc/supermechs.html But you know how to make builds. You are older than me playing. I can try in a few days. busy right now. Pure Epics or do you have some current inventory?
  17. Is there a semi-decent phys build that doesn’t use too many L-Ms?
  18. I would say to replace your Nightfall with a Magma Recoiler, or any recoiler, as soon as possible. Remove your Falcon and replace it with something else. Add another Dawnblaze or add a Corrupt Light, because I don't know how effective your mech will be after you've used up all your uses with your Desolation. These are all in my opinion, of course. That's all!
  19. resistance is still a bit low but cooling/regen stats are way up
  20. The original post's photo was sideways, so I've decided if I had to turn my head sideways to see what stats your mech had, you have to tilt it as well to see my suggestion

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