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Hello pilots. This club is a place where we will try to provide each other pointers and advices for mech building. 👍
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  2. it's usually called "dual nightfall" hammer is not that great of an option i don't think. Better to use a recoiler. but otherwise, there isn't really anything bad about your build. just make sure you use distance shredder when you get one to keep the mech all physical.
  3. As a phys mech connoisseur I must ask, is this made with the things in your inventory?
  4. (Explanation) We need to suggest a mechanism to use Nightfall as a double. (I want to propose a mechanism with two Nightfall weapons, so in other words, it is necessary to attach two Nightfalls.) My predictions Give one's regards.
  5. I have not idea to upgrade this build too, the set of modules seem to be perfect, same for the torso, the drone and the legs.. and finally the weapon composition seems to be really good. It's not so easy to find points to improve on this build, I would like to comment the reason of using a grappling hooks on a scope build but I imagine that with the weight that remains it is better to put this than put nothing instead .
  6. ... not bad. (... and really don't know what else to say. sorry)
  7. So I came up with a heat build (idk if anyone has made a similar one)
  8. The extra weight will be filled when you put on massive stone legs.
  9. Inventory i also have mercy and another reckless beam
  10. Use selfish protector only if you can to have a lot of hp, i don't know what amount of hp you can have but without forteress it is difficult to accumulate a number of hp recommended to use this type of drone i think. However I may be wrong but I have seen many comments answering questions like this one which was often the same answer: powerful but needs a lot of hp to work ( briefly )
  11. i got a selfish protector, should i use that or keep tonto?
  12. i'd say keep corrupt llight. energy stats are way too low. also, there's no need for ejection blast in phys mech. better to use that weight for another energy module you need more modules. you don't have enough heat and energy modules to cover 3 mechs. at most 2.5. which 1 mech will either have to suffer from not having enough stats, or sacrifice a mech to upgrade the other 2 mechs. from your inventory, i'll assume you are no where near high ranks so it won't matter whether you have 3 fully functioning mechs or not. if you need 3 mechs for clan wars, it won't matter anyways since it's just for the "point system thingy".
  13. Phys mech: (Heat coming soon) Heat mehc Switch corrupt light for flaminator if possible
  14. off topic but this is normal for you guys with the myths and stuff but for me it's... this video I found that I edited: I did say off topic ya know.. final_6260ae51dbef34005931d187_937590.mp4
  15. Alright, thanks. I'll try to make those builds if i ever get the items.
  16. I would use at least the equivalent of 3 QCBs and 1 OLP (3 heat engines, 3 energy engines, 1 mass cooling booster, 1 mass regen booster, etc.). Then I would put at least a defense matrix, or a max protector and 1 platinum, on it, if not more. The defense matrix / 1 MP + 1 PP is the minimum. Even better: 3 fortresses and 1 platinum, if it fits. Here are some ideas I would use if it was me: By the way, ideally you want 2 physical resistance drainers. Two for physical because top ranks has people with 180 physical resistance. So the above two screenshots are the most ideal (#1) versus barely good enough (#2).
  17. im rank 10 aswell this might help me since the ene build i am working on rn is carrying me to r9 every noun and then ty!
  18. That why i hesitate about this but i thinked that 80 physical resist is maybe didn't effecient but now that i think my mech have ~65 physical res in r10.. I guess 80 is enough for r12.

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