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Will SM Ever Be Online, again?


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Hey Alex, will people ever be able to access Supermechs online, again?  Or will the game will just be a download app?

Here is why I hate the windows app:

- The download app is slow.  It is slower than the android version

- You can't switch windows to run auto

- Pop up adds appear a lot

The android app is the best, yet screen is small.  It is still, slow yet faster than windows app.  The online version was faster.

Don't you want players to be able to play it online?

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We may at some point return SM to the browser, but it wouldn't be any time soon. 


Simply put, we'd have to re-create the game from the ground up. We'll only do that if we want to do it anyway due some other change we need - there's not _nearly_ enough interest in the web version for it to be worth it just for that.

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