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  1. Imagine having 9 cards in a "tic tac toe" style, but you can pick one and you can have whatever it contains. This mostly could contain stuff like this: -Rare?= Allways 1 upgrade kit not maxed -Epic?= Any rarity object -Legendary= Any legendary object Yes is like also daily bonus aswell from login and shop, but is an extra. At least in my opinion. If ya'll think is a bad idea, alright, but i just thought about it.
  2. Yes, today is my birthday. I may not use forums that much as i wanted (since i don't know what to talk much) but i wanted to celebrate with you guys here too. And i just became 20 y.o. btw.
  3. I agree, it has to get a better nice drain or damage or maybe both, it actually sucks and has to be valued
  4. I am proud to be a furry, what i am not proud, is to have a horrible name
  6. Still, it's not fair, specially for those (as me) that have swoop, to let it sit on the dust collection even if its divine. I really want to try it out in my energy free build since i don't have the good stuff for make an energy balanced mech. And even if is certainly good buffed, UPC and valiant are the most op stuff. aswell the unrealiable guardians that are also more loved than this stuff. So personally i think buffing Swoop SINCE IS A PREMIUM DRONE, to make it more loved and usefull of what it is...
  7. Well. If you remember the end where octavious says... "I'll be back..." Well, just look at Alexander. He has Octavious torso and he is friendly so our worst enemy became our best friend. Aswell he has came back for take revenge of the previous enterprise, doing now a good job for make what supermechs used to be, a great game.
  8. Dope. Btw, if you want some recomendation of music, check my profile hahah. There's one and here some more www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR5zpFs7YpY
  9. By the way, it would really be a pleasure also to talk with you. We are waiting for you in discord (the oficial one of supermechs made by Alex) Well, what can i say. You're more legendary than the game itself. You made awesome things, and im also very awake even being 1:30 am here in my country
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