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  1. Easy tokens, lets see -you can buy them -or you can buy them - or you could by them -or you could wait 10,000 years for SM to go free
  2. at this point you two are just typing gibberish and crap
  3. Dude, @Sparks, Just right click, then click on translate to English, takes 3 seconds not 3 hours
  4. It literally says when you activate the base "This will replace silver boxes"
  5. DUUUUUHHHHHH! it was funny til you said something
  6. Clever what are you on? This some government grade **** they giving you?
  7. Imagine CleverName with over 1000 divines, then needs to start fusing divine items away...
  8. Project 1124 commanded by Hitler.
  9. Alexander revived himself and...
  10. if you need to change your password just click on "forgot your password" and enter the email. then it will send you an email with a link to change your pass
  11. I cant even count how many times thats happened to me
  12. I can design something if you need it. How it looks is based on personal opinion, so I can neither state whether my work is good or bad,
  13. *insert emoji for banging head against every wall on earth
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