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Kongregate Players on Windows


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Flash is dead etc etc. For Kongregate users who still want to play SM, I put together firefox portable v70 and flash player 32 in a zip file (since this whole thing is like 480mb uncompressed). Just extract the "FirefoxPortable" folder to wherever and run Firefox. 

Disclaimer: This version isn't getting security updates, ever, so only use this to run SM.


If you get the EOL page: Uninstall flash player via Adobe's official uninstaller then extract the firefox folder again

If SM is slow: type about:preferences#privacy into the URL bar and set tracking protection to enhanced (this blocks some ads)

Make sure supernova player isn't installed, and click "more options" if it shows you this prompt842782399_Screenshot(19).png.c40a0d70efc694e88cf7693ccc39e75d.png

(not this specific part of the prompt though, if it asks to enable flash then enable it)

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7 hours ago, Burn Baby Burn said:

should i uninstall both flash?



"NPAPI" is the one firefox uses, uninstall that one

3 hours ago, Cosmic_Guitar said:

As far as it gets 🤔


Turning off "smooth scrolling" in about:preferences and setting sm quality to "low" should also make it faster

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26 minutes ago, NAME_NOT_FOUND said:

I was one of the first ones who jumped at the offer. And yes, the process did work.

I went for the offer, got a PM back after a little while saying "done", but the account I set up to transfer to is apparently "inactive", and the activation e-mails the old site claims to be secnding aren't arriving.  Alex said he'd look into it, but no dice so far.  PMs on Kong seem to be as good a way of poking as any, but if anyone knows a better way, I'm all ears.....

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