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  1. Thats cool @Alexander,will the new additions to your team be able to assist in migrating/transferring outstanding players that have been waiting months to the main site?
  2. Nope,ive heard only sometime in May if that
  3. Still waiting,like some very frustrated old Kong members too
  4. Upgrade your plat plate and divine it?
  5. I mean Kong was working with maxathon and some date changes on other browsers,now its totally busted
  6. RIP Kong users that have not yet been transferred,it seems this is the end of days
  7. Yeah kong SM users were a minority but some of us invested into the game,some of us Kong SM alot.Its still a big **** you to us Kong SM players now that this is happening and the fact that Sarah illegally or not moved some SM accounts while others Kong SM users have to wait in limbo for better days when we can play normally is totally unjust!
  8. It runs extremley slow/freezes,any fixes? says Welcome and then freezes
  9. This is as far as SuperNova player goes before crashing saying network error,which is further than the previous times
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