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  1. Yeah, it definitely takes 4 months to set something from true to false.
  2. No one told you to clear insane. Normal alone is 50 tokens, already more than all 3 difficulties of a Tacticsoft gold portal. If you can do a higher difficulty that's great, but no one's forcing you to waste your tokens on revives.
  3. They're added to the drop pool as soon as the event goes live, what I'm saying is that during a drop rate increase you can still get the new item with unclaimed packs, just that you'll have the same chance of getting it as any other LM (Not really a loophole, it's the same result as buying packs after the drop rate event ends) Pretty straightforward, the number of items in all your unclaimed boxes = the limit i.e. you can store more mix boxes than 5x silvers, it doesn't vary between accounts (1,000-1,500 mix boxes vs 200 5x silvers)
  4. It wouldn't, you'd still have some chance to get the item though (still better just to set aside tokens specifically for new items)
  5. Packs always have new items when they're added, just that the drop rate won't be increased for packs you saved up The unclaimed box limit is actually based off the number of items in all your unclaimed boxes, max is ~3,000 items
  6. Packs always use the current item pool, but the ones you save up don't get an increased drop rate if opened when a new item is added (Drop rates are determined on purchase, but pack contents are determined on opening)
  7. I only got 1 good drop from the offer packs but hey, quality > quantity
  8. My third sorrow, from the quad core offer packs
  9. Nope, and that feature doesn't work the way you might think it does. Watching the video for another card gives you another silver box card, there's no legendary chance (it isn't even guaranteed to be epic).
  10. Base Now I can actually use a phys lol
  11. It's possible to get a perfect score on tier 3 of this round, just takes an unmaxed Valiant Sniper to deal 186-188 energy damage (the boss will deploy the drone, which costs 3 energy to fire, then teleport into weapons range for 6 energy, leaving the drone unable to hit = perfect score)
  12. "NPAPI" is the one firefox uses, uninstall that one Turning off "smooth scrolling" in about:preferences and setting sm quality to "low" should also make it faster
  13. Yeah that version number is higher, try running the uninstaller and extracting the firefox folder again, should be
  14. Do you have normal flash player uninstalled?
  15. Flash is dead etc etc. For Kongregate users who still want to play SM, I put together firefox portable v70 and flash player 32 in a zip file (since this whole thing is like 480mb uncompressed). Just extract the "FirefoxPortable" folder to wherever and run Firefox. Disclaimer: This version isn't getting security updates, ever, so only use this to run SM. https://www.mediafire.com/file/712uj45c5b3zgxc/FirefoxPortable.zip/file If you get the EOL page: Uninstall flash player via Adobe's official uninstaller then extract the firefox folder again If SM is slow: type about:preferences#privacy into the URL bar and set tracking protection to enhanced (this blocks some ads) Make sure supernova player isn't installed, and click "more options" if it shows you this prompt (not this specific part of the prompt though, if it asks to enable flash then enable it)
  16. Got about 9 legendaries total, 4 of which were relics
  17. 13 packs / 4,355 tokens 1st pack had annihilator, last pack had annihilator. Flame spear and garbage in between lol
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