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Any issue with the Game?


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bro idk , i was minding my own business you know and then wanted to play some Supermechs you know and theb suddenly It just happened you know , The game Said reconnecting so i Went on my pc you know and then i Started the game supermechs you know but what Jumoscared me was the connection timed out screen you know and i am now very frightened because i tought it will steal my ip you know

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5 minutes ago, OKI DOKI said:

Oh well. I am at work so no worries. My kids will deal with it.  I should go back to play PAC-MAN. Never had interruptions playing arcade. 😂

Good old times and always checking the girls. 🤣

The Atari Home Pac Man Arcade - Hammacher Schlemmer


Nice, Pac-man is definitely a cool arcade game but i don't know many people who still play it lmao

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"It is what the ancients foretold."

"They warned of a great end, causing chaos and destruction everywhere. There would be a great weakness in the land, causing many to suffer. The sun would die out. Crops would stop. Everything... would end. It was a dark thing."

"Things died left and right, even grass would start dying. There would be no light, no sight, only death. The ones that were alive panicked, and went insane from the pressure."

"There was no known cause. The only thing that could save us was divine intervention."

"Please... save us all."

     - A writing found inscribed on a stone dating back to 1467.

Okay, end of drama. I too wonder what happened. I'm assuming it could be Gato Games giving up on SuperMechs and just shutting down servers entirely, or it could be the great promised update.

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I think I should rename myself to Immaculate, that would be a much better name, wouldn't it?

Scorpions are also very cool.

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