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  1. heres the 1 match we managed to do today @definitelynottrophy wins 1-0
  2. i sent you a friend req on disc also yea i'll be up for like 5 more hours my timezone is gmt-5 and my availability is from 11p to 5a gmt+0 time. i might also be available at like 12p gmt+0 time but i'd rather shoot for the 11p-5a gmt+0 window
  3. thanks for addressing the concern im okay with waitin until a week has passed. coinflips (perhaps a best of 3 where one player is designated heads, the other tails the entire time or somethin... go wild) sound okay to me if a pairing cant sync up a time.
  4. what marija said also includes pairs where neither player can sync a time to duel within ... what was it? 2 days? it will be a message race when the new pairs come out and perhaps some stalling tactics to put a loophole in this decision.
  5. this sounds like a fairness issue going forward tbh
  6. DefinitelyNotTrophy (PhysRizz) vs. Tom and Jerry (Borushiki Otsutsuki) Format: Duel at all possible ranges, each player gets a first turn at a specified range. No pads. B248D - range 3 start - PhysRizz goes first and wins B2516 - range 1 start - PhysRizz goes first and wins B259B - range 5 start - Borushiki Otsutsuki goes first and loses B2616 - range 3 start - Borushiki Otsutsuki goes first and wins B269E - range 1 start - Borushiki Otsutsuki goes first and loses B2734 - range 5 start - PhysRizz goes first and wins Final Score: PhysRizz 5 - 1 Borushiki Otsutsuki gg (ignore the matches with DefeatMePlease, those were from testing)
  7. i'm sure this has been suggested before but that's all it was. a suggestion. on the off-chance that they do consider, it'll probably be like a 10:1 ratio of converting relic tiers or somethin outlandish
  8. its not even about missing items at this point gato managed to powercreep more than the entirety of tacticsoft's grasp on reloaded. who will even take the time to go through the motions when it'll be 15+ years before they reach r1 as a f2p? alex and the gang are obv not gonna do balance changes. hell, even i remember alex said he was AGAINST doin any more. its really his weird mindset that baffles me. like: "zarkares had its time. therefore we will never make it viable again" - when nightmare was buffed. like what kind of logic is this? oh so once its past meta, thatll be the last time itll be seen ever? asset recycling awareness 0????? the devs really are just gonna string yall along til the end of time. inventory space rework? balance changes? "theres actually 60million unique accounts, 28million since 2018"?? foh with that bs. if that were the case, there'd be waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more than 70 r1 people at the end of season. whoever's left in this game are basically nostalgia andys like me, hackers, or copilots that run husks of those who left. "ackshually theres only 300ish people in this server because we split the playerbase into 100s of servers" this makes no sense whatsoever since a) is counterintuitive to the matchmaking system and b) there'd be more people on the LB. if the devs take this post down, wbk.
  9. ye we still planning the thing is izwerg posted last round's replay at a perfectly acceptable time i am online, so E7463
  10. Snowstorm (No.) vs. Trophicana (DefinitelyNotTrophy) i was kinda sweatin there. well played @No. rules: first to 2 consecutive wins replays: 5F17C, 5F1EF
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