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  1. used to play dynomite on that site
  2. looking at these comments from months ago, i can say the golden days after transition are long gone. alex spawned item portals for us to sell us on the idea that noticeable change was coming. oh yeah, "change" did occur, but not for the better. the meta is still as stale as ever. there are 20x more prems to get to even have a shot at the top spot. with the absence of an emergency nerf towards TS' releases of the 'final frontier' of modules (protectors, duals), the progression strat has devolved back to the old "roll or remake" cycle. thats the same one that prompted reloaded to happen. EXCEPT remaking isnt easy, so nobody is incentivized to stay unless they roll luckily from the first few packs. alex's ideology of "never nerf" has failed the game yet again. reloaded-squared is coming, and cousin_joe will be held correct to his prediction of "oooooOoooooOOOooey bigger-er-er number." p.s. alex is quick about banning cheaters, so at least ill give him credit for that. idk if he really is making backend improvements though, despite the lip service.
  3. "i love dark metal and am basically satan "
  4. lol what else is new
  5. what people use vests and have 3000 hp (really 2800-2901) monkeys are in the past sadly
  6. really brought out the whole photo album huh
  7. 0% until you get dual mods
  8. SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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