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Unspoken rules and forbidden things in supermechs PvP

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We all know that while certain builds are easy and challenging and sometimes very hard to beat, we end up having fun with them but some builds on the other hand are flat out pain to deal with, hence, we all have a few rules and forbidden things during building our mechs. list down all of yours. mine is to not build ranged boilers and to use taunts even though it is right to do so. my second is not to keep forcing shutdowns and get an auto win. my third is to not quit matches as it ruins the fun.

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I don't respect players who regularly use those claw phys mechs with 200 en. just goofy.

on this point-

22 hours ago, Darkkillerultimatespeed said:

my second is not to keep forcing shutdowns and get an auto win.

if they get repeated shutdowns on you, you were outplayed or didnt stack enough cooling, brother, that aint them taking the easy path. like boilers are so laughably non-viable these days anyway. 

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any build that entirely focuses on getting a scope on the rival player just seems like wasted effort, 'specially when the rival drains the aspiring scoper's energy and gets an instant win, because the en free range manipulating weapons are out of range, or too weak to make a difference

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my list hasn't been updated in approx. 2 years but;

dual frantic (haven't had a frantic in my inventory since 2020, https://youtu.be/wDkFoaTn4yo )

hard counter (haven't hard countered since 2019, i do enjoy energy free builds though)


not a forbidden one but still a pain: any old school bobson build

anything OG clevername has ever built is also a pain

follow me.

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I don't know if this can count but any META builds user

Is cheap player

Not hating on anyone who uses META builds on arena

But its not easy to win against them also unrelated but if everyone uses META builds what's the point of arena if everyone you gonna fight against is literally same build as the other you fougt

If this offended you well everyone has different opinion

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On 12/10/2022 at 7:21 AM, Kenneth said:

Every energy drainer is a pain in my neck


On 1/10/2023 at 11:20 AM, SolarisHK416 said:

Heat or energy huggers, either way it might be a pain for some.

These both are examples of good builds that arent really cheap builds, but rather smart with the weapons and equipment put together.

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