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  1. Is there some sort of news i missed because i see confetti where there is normally not confetti
  2. my pack gave me all epics. bad event boo.
  3. sir you need to value urself over others to win matches in general
  4. In my opinion, yes, the Iron Boots/Charged Walkers/Scorching Feet are all outclassed by the massive (element) feet. BUT, that doesn't mean you should just Haphazardly copy/paste some of the massive feet stats to the CM legs. I say a Sizable buff to their stomp damage, and a minor buff to their HP would probably, if not almost certainly make them more useful, though chances are, the massive feet would still be better, because let's be honest, if an item starts off at a higher tier than another item, it's kinda supposed to be better, isn't it? For example, the Comparison between E-M items, and L
  5. Rhino


    Maybe a (slightly) better alternative could be having a chance at getting a token per mission played [after the first completion] and the more fuel the mission costs, the higher the chance at getting a token from consecutive completions.
  6. as far as which titan it would be, I'd say the phys variant of either the Shogun or God mode (EDIT: ant mech too but i forgot because im dense.), (because even dispersion of heat and energy) with vulnerability to knockback/pull, but HP and Resistance being normal, sounds like a solid idea to me, great way to mess with insanely high damage without messing around with heal pads and melee weapons
  7. LIterally amazed that poeple still think the game is gonna die just because of flash kicking the bucket xD I mean come on, how can people seriously still think that lmfao
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