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Sandbagging Problem in Mid Ladder



Just so we're all clear, Sandbagging IS against the rules right? It really should be.


I've dropped 2 ranks because of people like this.


sandbag 4.png

sandbag 3.png

sandbag 2.png

It's become a real serious issue for players including myself to progress through the ladder. I run into about 10 of these guys in a regular sitting.


If its not against the rules please consider something

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The Boiler Mech that Tortures and Obliterates those that have bad cooling with a vicious, compelling Rage.


"For your safety, strengthen your cooling..or I'll be the one who knocks."

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On 23.10.2022 at 06:21, AtomusX said:

Просто чтобы мы все поняли, мешки с песком противоречат правилам, верно? Это действительно должно быть.


Из-за таких людей я понизил 2 разряда.

мешок с песком.png

мешок с песком 4.png

мешок с песком 3.png

мешок с песком 2.png

Продвижение по ладдеру стало серьезной проблемой для игроков, включая меня. Я регулярно сталкиваюсь с десятком таких парней.


Если это не противоречит правилам, пожалуйста, примите во внимание что-нибудь

Sometimes it's funny. They make this mechs, because they are thinking they are pro. Trolls, you can go to top rangs and farming good places in top sm

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On 10/30/2022 at 12:50 AM, SayMyName said:

Doxx them

(Late but okay) If it doesn't work then you should call Vein Of Nekron, or should I call him "Nekron-san" for having high visibility jacket on the drops, maybe he can help busting their 🗿 with his veins. And also grow roots in their houses.

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Years and years later ever since the old forum's great wave of harassment toward Frantic users instead of trying deal with them normally. And we are about have history repeat itself like a ripple once again, the "Supermechs Community" never change.

"Remember kids, with enough harassment you can achieve pretty much anything in life" - Sam O' Nella


Channel: VolumeTermina[SM]


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This is becoming a much bigger problem as the months go on.  This is a game exploitation as these players are purposefully tanking their ranks in order to gain easier wins.  Win counts go towards clan rewards so these individuals are farming easy wins to reap the benefits of the rewards given to all of the clan.  Furthermore, these individuals, when lowering their ranks, brings the overall clan rank down which puts the clan in an easier WAR with another clan.  Again, gaining an easy win within an WAR generates a reward.

This is classic exploitation of game mechanics.  I would suggest reporting these players.  You can do so through the game settings (gear icon top right of screen -> Support)  The more reports of these actions the greater chance this issue can be fixed.

**NOTE: for the individuals that commented "getting good" or "try winning" these comments are not helping the situation as those that are exploiting the game are preventing others from winning or getting good.  Not to mention the fact that everyone progresses at different rates and everyone has to go through the same levels and growing pains.  So the comments of "get good" or "try winning" is not only subjective, but also irrelevant to the subject.

**NOTE: to the individual that said it is not a violation of the TOS.  Actually it is. Sections; 2.2, 2.2.1 and 2.2.2

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