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Fusion Center Revival

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The main reason I am reviving this idea is because it would help bring a LOT more commitment from new players and could quite possibly keep people from leaving.

I am introducing... Blueprints!

on top of needing 15M gold, you will also need to get blueprints.

But, here's why it's better:

if you use a blueprint, then there is a 5M gold reduction.

for new players, it will be a lot more worth it to acquire 9 blueprint pieces than to farm 5 million gold.

I know from experience, it takes around a full day to get a million gold if you really go at it.

Here are the tasks you must complete to get the 9 blueprints.

9 tasks= 9 pieces


Upgrade using 100 items in one day.

Win 15 Arena Battles in one day.

Collect 1 million gold in one day.

Transform 5 items.

Open 50 item boxes. [Counting MIX boxes]

Use any one item 5 times in a match.

defeat someone with more than -50 HP upon death

finish all quests in 10 minutes or less {timer}

spend 1,000,000 gold in 1 minute or less

These are all quests that will randomly be chosen in the Fusion Center for you to do.

For the timed ones, there would be a timer for you to activate.

Now people would be able to get the items they need, and higher level/rank players would have incentive to max out useless items.

There are 3 types of blueprint ratings:

Hand-Drawn [Mediocre]

Detailed [Decent]

These different blueprints are 



L-M's that do not have C-E counterparts would not be craftable. As there is nothing similar to them at lower level

"You can't make pistol into a sniper"

When you start the crafting process, it will take up to a week depending on the craftability score.

This is determined by the combination of Hand-Drawn/Detailed blueprints that you have.

Detailed are 10 points.

H-D are 5 points.

80-90P:1 day

75-60P: 2-3 days

55-40P: 4-5 days

35 or less: 7 days



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10 hours ago, FennekinFyreFour said:

Open 50 item boxes.

In case of base enabled players, I cannot do like this quest because currently its not counting the mixed box, I cannot buy silver box and 50 premium box are too much cost.

if run this quest, please consider to counting the mixed box.

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12 hours ago, FennekinFyreFour said:

I am introducing... Blueprints!

Maybe you can get fragments of blueprints (of L-D) in boxes. Maybe let's change it so 50% of fortune box for base players (or all players) will be blueprint boxes that exclusively drop blueprints.

You can't get duplicate blueprints, either. It shall always be a new one. If you got all blueprints then you shall get 1K gold per piece.

When you have enough fragments of blueprints (of an item; 6 to 12 fragments per item), you can now "assemble" the blueprint and "research" the L-D item. The L-D item will then be able to be made in the "fusion center".

Certain L-Ms (e.g. mighty cannon) that have no C-E counterpart can have different recipe; 2x night eagle + 2x rapid destruction, for example. They can also share the cost of, say, spartan carnage (of 4x rapid destruction)

L-M items that are obtained will need to have one dismantled (destroyed) to prepare the blueprint for them researched. Dismantling shall take time.

Cost of reproduction can be negotiated but 25M gold sounds a bit too much. Maybe 10x the cost of a "chance of legendary" sounds decent. Or 4x. That's more acceptable.

I'd be very willing to fuse 4x maxed epic redwall for a seraphblade(and the like), although I'm not quite there yet and 25M price tag sounds like insane.

Bro, it's million. And 25 of them. You can get enough food to max 25 mythicals with 25 million I think.


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It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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This sounds like something from Team Fortress 2 where you can smelt and craft items.

I would not be against it, if it's a way for players to obtain premium L-M items.

But it would need to be very controlled and researched because there are two things you want to avoid.

First, you want to avoid making it too easy to get premiums because that would make premiums less premium.  The current SM business model seems to be paying for premium items, and so the conversation is bigger than just the players: it's their business model.  I'm not against the way their current business model is, I'm just saying if we cut into their profit, we may accidentally kill the game.

Second, you want to avoid making it too difficult to get premiums because that would cause some players to be discouraged.

I have no clue, but just a quick idea off the top of my head, i would think four divine malice beams would convert to one legendary (1) valiant sniper.

Does anyone have any other ideas about the exchange rate?

Honestly, I played TF2 for years, but i hated their crafting system.  It took too much effort to get the items I wanted.  I ended up buying a couple cosmetics I liked (but I spent maybe $10 total for two complete cosmetic kits).

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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